ITT: Based characters who did nothing wrong

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you're supposed to post a character who actually did something wrong, to bait people into replying


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From the humans point of view, the shiki were monsters that needed to be put down.
From the shiki point of view, the humans were cattle that needed to be consumed and controlled.
No one did nothing wrong, and everyone did everything wrong. Why do you think it ended with everyone losing but the pedo priest?

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I'd say the shiki were in the wrong. The teenage MC tried arguing they could just willingly take turns donating blood and got told some nonsense about how one can't just partially eat food. Logically it follows that the shiki were killing everyone because they don't understand fractions.

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The humans were in the wrong as well, the butchered anyone they thought was associated with the shiki. Which is why almost everyone lost at the end.

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can you really blame a group of people for panicking and going batshit nuclear when they've been having their loved ones die horribly from an unexplained illness for months, and then suddenly they realize it was actually vampires hiding among them that did it? a large portion of the village people were driven half insane by the shiki in the first place.

Can you really blame majority of shikis for not wanting to starve to death?

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>I never did anything...indecent...obscene...or even questionable!
>slept with his step-brother and student.

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they could literally just open a blood bank in the city and live off donations

yeah, I can. they were offered the option of coexisting and rejected it.

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The shiki killed humans wholesale for the same reason the humans genocided shiki wholesale. Neither side understood fractions.

The reason priest and Sunako are the survivors is because
>Shiki is a story about destructive extremism and buddhism promotes moderation
>Shiki is a story about being coerced to harm others and Sunako is the physically youngest shiki
>both the priest and the child symbolize spiritual purity and innocence
Ozaki was basically a dictator. He was a charismatic and capable individual who answered a crisis by overturning morality.

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He didn't kill all the shiki.