She's going to die for bakugo how does that make you feel?

she's going to die for bakugo how does that make you feel?

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Cringe beyond belief that's what. mirco is 10x hotter than poor man's vegeta.

What would the story be like if Mirko was the childhood bully/rival who relentlessly teased deku sexually

way better

Superior in every conceivable way

Mirko doesn't need to be alive for people to draw porn of her so it doesn't matter
Bakugo living and Bakugo dying are equally funny

Hori would immediately become my least favorite mangaka if he let Mirko die (especially after bringing Bakugo back to life). If she dies, then just kill off all the other pro heores too at that point since they are apparently disposable to him. I'm pretty checked out of the series anyway except for a few characters that I like and want to see succeed.

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nothing. this is an anime and manga board user. please keep cape faggot shit made for niggers on twitter please.

brb, i'll write a one shot about that.

People say the story would be way better but the age difference between Mirko and Deku is what makes it hot.

do you like mirko because shes a bnuy girl, or because you want her to savage you.

Not him, but both, and it's not just regular bunnygirl, it's brown and muscular bunnygirl.

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i think it would've been better if MHA had an arc where international pro heroes met up and did seminars with other countries students.

like it can be used to showcase the differing attitudes around the world, and the number 1 hero of each country can be used as a symbolic representation of that country.

>she's going to die for bakugo
wtf when did this manga become based?

Bakugo will save her and she will fall in love with him.

that would be /ss/ haha she's way older

I already dropped the manga specifically cause he crippled her.

compensate the age difference by making it a height difference instead

Imagine their kids. Exploding rabbits

who cares its not like she has any personality or impact to the story, the only good thing about her is the fan art and the porn

Just like Bakugo