In the universe next door...

In the universe next door, Re:Zero season 1 took the brave route of Subaru just letting all that Royal Selection bullshit go and running away with Rem, and having the next five seasons be about Rem and Subaru's daily life. It is in the top ten of anime every year, on the back of those cooling corpses.

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I only like their daughter


There's a lot of emphasis on their son and his power, seems weird if he doesn't get to exist.
All other characters in the IFs have been canon.

Oh he’ll exist, I’m very confident in his conception. Even in that IF he was an accident and he’ll be an accident again.

the universe where I watch it without feeling the urge to cover my face feeling embarrassed for him

What do you like about her?

Strictly speaking he can't exist, but whatever, weird anime genetics so if they have a kid it would be Rigel first and then Spica.

When Rem was put into a coma her body was frozen in time basically. Rigel was conceived about after a month in karargi. Subaru and Rem still have time realistically.

Wait. No. That month figure was just when they first had sex according to Tappei’s QA. So they have more time actually.

PoV: You're about to die

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NOOOO RAM FORGIVE ME PLEASE I DIDNT MEAN TO- *get chopped to death by wind*

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I’ll show her my horn, it worked on Rem

Do you think she'll grow to be like Rem or have a different personality?

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She's so angry that she doesn't bother putting up a stoic face and instead smiles, knowing she'll use your meat in her new cake recipe for Roswaal after she's done

Rigel was more grounded than Subaru and had a sister complex. Spica is probably going to be similiar in that she'll be more "normal" than Rem with all her complexes and discipline.
She'll probably be pretty spoiled.

I'd like a spin off where Subaru took Rem and followed the Crusch route right after defeating the White Whale. That'd be more interesting as he navigates the complexities of politics and saves Crusch from a universe that is trying to fuck her as Subaru breeds Rem.

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>Threesome with Crusch and Felix
Best timeline

>Threesome with Crusch and Rem
Now this is the future I want, almost as good as oni shimaidon

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They've spent more than a month in Vollacia as-is and Subaru isn't the same even if you think Rem has the same egg available. But that's not really the point, since how genetics are determined are random, having the sperm and egg swap all of the same parts of the chromosomes to result in essentially a clone of a sibling is so unlikely as to never realistically happen.

Missing the scar, 0/10 see me after class.

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The series would have been still trash, the author is a talentless hack with no imagination that can only steal from better products, and there's not that much you can do with these generic and plain characters.

arc 7 is shit, crossdressing, chaos and gladiatorshit ruined the arc

It just means she's horny Ram and you're going to die harder.

How is she gonna brutally kill me?

I'll just take her nephew hostage and all will be right in the wo-

Pop your head off like opening a soda

In that universe everyone loves Emilia instead of Rem and have the exact same cope ranting as this one, talking about what if and spin offs.

Nice coping user but there's not a single universe where Emilia isn't retarded and favoured here, unless you want to count that one universe where every character is as stupid as Emilia but I believe everyone flocked to she who must not be named.