ITT: Characters who people thought would have a larger role when introduced

ITT: Characters who people thought would have a larger role when introduced.

Also, Yajirobe actually bore a hole through a dragon ball to make it a necklance. So they can be destroyed and mended after a wish was used.

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I miss him. He was great

>Kicked out of the series by god himself
kek Yes I'm aware of his role during the sayan saga

>Characters who people thought would have a larger role when introduced.

Pretty sure Raditz is the poster child for that.

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Lida in Hero Academia. Started the series as Deku's closest friend at UA, basically faded to complete irrelevance after the "Save Bakugou" arc.

Rukia starts out as the secondary lead right after Ichigo, and does serve that role up to the Soul Society arc.

But then she basically falls off the face of the fucking planet and remains a secondary character for the rest of the story, no more important than anyone else from soul society.
I was actually annoyed at the ending where we could have had a situation where she and Ichigo team up one last time to fight the big bad, but he just tells her to stay behind with Orihime while he and Renji go off instead. Though I suppose it doesn't matter anyway since the final battle was a deus ex machina shitshow.

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It's Iida

I'm aware

>basically faded to complete irrelevance after the "Save Bakugou" arc.
Sad, since he was a far better character than Bakugou.


2/3s of the characters in Bleach, most noticeable his original classmates besides Chad and Orihime.

I wouldn't say it was too bad in Naruto, there they were merely underutilized, but Kubo definitely meant for some of these to be more than what they turned out to be.

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I think Kubo ran into two issues. One, he introduced WAAAAAY too many characters, largely with the Soul Society. And Two, he was completely allergic to killing off ANYONE, at least not until the final arcs (but even then, see Byakuya getting what should have been a sad dramatic death scene, only to survive and come back later).
There were too many characters and not nearly enough time to give them all focus as Kubo attempted to do.

I'm pretty sure he introduces characters as a writing crutch, I remember him making named school junior students in the last arc in one chapter and then never brining them up again.

Possibly. I sorta just assumed that he had tons of ideas for characters without an pushing back and saying "Do we really need these characters? The gimmicks are kinda neat, but there isn't nearly enough time for all of them"

My boy, Cymbal

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I used to be kinda annoyed they sidelined a lot of the dragon ball characters, but honestly a lot of them still have lots of lines and stuff throughout Z, especially in the movies, Yajerobi is just chillin with Corin, they probably smoke weed 24/7, seems kind of like a fitting role.

Yeah I feel like the people who ship Ichigo and Rukia only saw the first arc or something, Kubo was pretty clearly setting up renji as her love interest for a really long time and all Orihime ever talked about was Ichigo. The only reason you'd really have to think Ichigo and Rukia had chemistry is if you only watched like the first 5 episodes. Kubo was setting up Ichigo with Orihime from like chapter 5

This nigga was actually stronger than raditz but just chose to sat on his ass during the entire thing lmao based

No way, he was strong in Early DB, as in his power level was around a hunderd.

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Nah. He did train with the others for the Saiyans which is why he could pop up to help a bit in the Vegeta battle. You're probably mixing up his power due to that. It was only afterwards that he dropped out completely.

I think mentioning "episodes" should make it clear why. The anime pushed her way more than the manga in marketing and filler. Heck, they make her bond with Ichigo the centerpiece of the episode where he was losing his powers.

Hero Academia really took Naruto's too many side characters and went wild with it. There were so many characters that I wanted to hear more about but instead we just kept getting new ones introduced. The initial class was already far too huge yet they just kept adding more and more, throwing aside actually good ones each time.