Dragon Ball Super

>Gamma #1
How do you feel about the top 10 living mortals right now? Removing androids would give Toppo the tenth position and sticking to U7 would give Gamma #1 the ninth and then Buu would be the tenth. It's basically a U7 ranking already anyway, other universes are weak shit compared to ours

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I liked the movie. I really needed that after how fucking awful the manga has been the past few years.

The manga? Isn'0t canon.

How do you fuck up this badly?

My heroes.

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Both FLOPvie and SHITnga aren't canon.

Forget about Strongest in the Universe. Who's the SMOOTHEST in the Universe? Who's got the best grooves, the moves, the slickest mean dancing machine on the floor that is the cosmos?

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BOOM. See? Just like that, I won this ENTIRE THREAD.

Based CHADrenscholar.

Only DBAF is canon. I love tortillas btw.

Imblegassi WON

it's over

>indefinite hiatus
Why is this series so poorly managed?

Captain Ginyu

These needs to be updated.

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you could say...Super Heroes.

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From the last thread, Gero is a god damn menace. If he were to be revived and given prep time to research on modern events, how would his creations fare against the current fighters today? Keep in mind that Gero created the following

>infinite energy & stamina
>immortal youth & immortality in the sense that you can’t die through diseases or old age
>bugbots that can record combat data & amplify power levels based on his mere guesses
>energy absorption

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Could Future Trunks achieve Beast Mode ?

It’s a tie between Ginyu & Beerus. Beerus actually is shown to dance pretty good. But I think Ginyu got him beat

Gentlemen. I have been released from my 3-day ban for LONELY-posting. I used that time to reflect on myself and my contributions to this general. Another poster in this general gave me some wise words. He told me "G. If you want to make friends or get a gf, you need to channel your inner CHADhan." Well bros, that's indeed what I did in those 3 days. I had a date last night and it went well. She's coming over to watch GT with me tonight. I've never been so happy. I am SO FUCKING LONELY no more. I wish you all the best, but I am finally free

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Are you going to eat tacos with her too?


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Forgot my Image.

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I hope she dumps you after realizing you're a SHIThanfag.

>Frieza would one shot Jiren and Broly at the same time now
What a time to be alive.

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>>indefinite hiatus
Are you retarded. It comes back in October


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Small mexican children would do a better job running the show at this point.

Gero would be the biggest threat the universe ever faced. His grandson created 2 androids as strong as current Goku & Vegeta & a Cell Max that would of mopped the floor with everyone if he had an actual brain. If his grandson can do that, and even his grandson said that he’s no Gero, imagine what Gero could do as the forefront of that whole Super Hero scenario? Cell would be shitting out rainbow colored power ups like he was Hyper Sonic

If all goes well, maybe
Yes, s(he)
Stop fighting it and learn to love GODhan

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>it's finally over

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I, CHADza-sama, STRONGEST in the Universe proudly lord over:

Bejita-tan, prince of all jobbers and my bitch.

SHITku-tan, my one and only true pet and other bitch.

Beerus-tan, who I have easily surpassed.

Majin Buu-tan, who humbly surrendered his place in the tournament for me.

Dyspo-tan, who can never outrun me despite his superspeed.

Toppo-tan, who I anally raped and awakened within him a wish to become an analslut sissy.

Kale-tan, who I beat so hard she has become an obedient little heterosexual whore.

Jiren-tan, whose incomparably boring punches I endured so dully that I turned back to fighting SHITku.

Broly-tan, whose hour-long practice spergout gave me uncontrollable laughter so massive even the jobbing of SHITku couldn't compare.

Cell-tan, for he is an abomination of my DNA AS WELL AS the inferior DNA of my monkey slaves.

Moro-tan, whose power is pitiful (I am glad he didn't kill my beloved slaves, as they provide ceaseless amusement...)

WHOnolah-tan, who I ignored as he was not worth my time (kek)

Gas-tan, who I gleefully made into a donut with my mighty fist (a mere snack before the main course - humiliating SHITku and the jobber prince)

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I don't care for canon. I just like fun adventures and good fights and the manga has neither. Simple as.

His grandson made 2 androids that are on par with Goku & Vegeta in their current state, but without the infinite energy & stamina. That’s already impressive as it is. Gero being brought back would of had Perfect Cell Max aka Cell Dorado.


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