Kanojo Okarishimasu

I love Chizuru so much.

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hell nah, sumi and ruka better

why was the previous thread deleted?

>thread editions

When is the next episode?

Ruka a best
Whorezuru a shit

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I like chizuru but I really love that Ruka is going to get BTFO

>Outsourced to Pinejam
The animation direction is not even Kaguya level yet it got outsourced?
Did all the money went to animate that explosion for the next episode.

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Do nothing whore.


damn thats a cute chorizo

how could you want something bad to happen to such a sweet girl?

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Ruka needs to get BTFO so she can move on with her life. She ha already wasted her best years. She needs a harsh awakening.

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yes but i'd still rather it be somber instead of something thatll get her added to these

Mini is best girl

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Why are Chizuru's episodes so weak on Twitter? They have so much trouble trending. Sumi's episode is still the best received episode yet.

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I think its unavoidable at this point

Based mod taking out the thrash

The best received episode in twitter is stil...the season's premiere

Because Chizuru is a bitch, the MC is a beta fuck and Rika is the only girl that has actual personality and isn't a bland tsundere girl.


it's over . . .

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she was literally designed to get rekt you can tel because she has short hair

Can't believe Reiji's dam finally burst and we got 4 pages of Kazuya mating pressing Chorizo in the spoilers.
What kind of dad wants to fuck his daughter?

i hate it

Nah Sumi's episode had something like 30k tweets when it was trending.