How long until western source material is adapted into a full length anime?

>inb4 thread devolves into flaming star wars onions
Yes, it's onions, but it would be neat to get an anime of something like children of men, or the expanse.

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watch more anime, nips have been doing western adaptations since forever

It's happened plenty of times.

Wasn't children of men based off something else?

nips have been adapting western works since the 70s fuck off

You do realize a lot of Ghibli movies are based on western literature? And that's pure normie tier.

Wheel of Time anime when?

This has already happened. Ghibli in particular has adapted more western works than japanese.
>western works are s o y and japanese aren't
Leave, delusional weeb.

How do we keep trannywood out of Japan?

pretty sure even romeo and juliet has an anime

Fuck Trannywood
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I hope Japan nukes US

I think your about half a decade late op

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Arsène Lupin (French pronunciation: [aʁsɛn lypɛ̃]) is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

kids' movies based on fairy tales =/= a full length seasonal anime. Heavily adapted classical literature also doesn't count (lupin, count of monte cristo)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R./Roadside picnic anime would be kino.

BONES did Super Crooks recently.

How long until the mods build a firewall so you retarded faggot tourists stop coming over to Any Forums?

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watch more anime

>How long until this thing happens?
>No no, the times it's already happened don't count

Again, I mean contemporary source material, not material taught in school literature classes.

Again, fuck off you annoying faggot.

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Look, I should have included it in my OP, but I don't mean classical literature, okay? Should I start a new thread?

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Nah, you should just admit you don't know anything about anime & stop posting here.

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no, this is a retarded topic
you are most likely someone who discovered anime relatively recently, watched many of the big 2000s and late 90s classics that are considered "mature anime", and now everything in your mind would benefit from or deserve an adaptation like that, because obviously japanese animated media is superior to everything, and you are smarter than the plebes who have not realised this yet and who only consume western popcorn movies and tv

Must be a fact of life that these threads bring out the newfags

Damn, some of you Any Forumsre the most insufferable elitists on the site.. Yes, I've watched over a hundred different anime and read many manga as well, but never heard of this obscure shit. No I will not stop posting here.

Stupid subhuman. Refuses to learn. Refuses to admit to wrongs. Refuses evolve beyond being a stubborn little child. Incapable of any self reflection whatsoever. Sad.

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>western source material adapted into a full length anime.
It's happened at least once.

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Nah, all I'm saying is that I was wrong, but you're still an insufferable cunt who assumes so much shit about me. I don't have time in my life to browse every 6/10 anime from the 2000's. That's why I start the thread and ask the question.

Well, is it too much to ask for Discworld adaptation?
Seems like a good pick even though the humors don't seem to appeal the Japs though


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I'm not assuming a damn thing. It's obvious you don't have enough time to do a basic Google search and are just calling you a dumb faggot as a natural response.

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then make a thread on /wsr/ like the rules go, if you wanted a request thread
you started a thread with a retarded statement that is thoroughly wrong and ignorant of the medium

They made some full length marvel anime, cyberpunk edgerunners this season
Anime is largely japanese propaganda, largely controlled by the japanese government, so western shit will never make up that much of it and ANY western shit they ever adapt will ALWAYS have a japanese twist to it.