Chainsaw Man

I realize Fujimoto's works as a whole are like the Soulsborne equivalent of anime/manga. Largely niche or inaccessible to the vast majority of people but once you get past the learning curve of Fuji's thought processes you can really find an appreciation for his manga and enjoy them a whole lot more than most other manga. There is often either a love or hate relationship with no middle ground.

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Csm will never be as big and beloved as SnK

Hmm yes I see it, CSM attracting normalfags sort of makes it the Bloodborne equivalent. Post Lady Makima

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Too bad SnK is also overhyped

SnK basically invented the hype culture. You chainsaw zoomers weren't there to witness it

You're right. CSM will be way bigger and more beloved than SnK

My brain is rotten by this place. I found Denji's ENTER and the cat thing very reddit. Like MCU movie quip tier reddit.

>You chainsaw zoomers

Sorry Chainsaw Man is also shit, i'm far from a fan so don't call me that..

>Largely niche or inaccessible to the vast majority of people
are you retarded by chance?

Where is the lie though?

Nah this is the same guy that has been spamming CSM threads saying it's a Masterpiece just to get people to reply

Csm has zero substance only style. People will get tired of it pretty fast

don't take shitposts seriously user, otherwise you would reduce the sphere of your enjoyment.

This is my first thread in over a week. Seek help

this shit was cringe

Nah you're the one who likes CSM, you're in need of help.

Yeah good thing the retard doxxed himself
His room

Let's settle this debate. Was this page a reference to Power or not? If no, then what?

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for me it was the corny spiderman references and random 4th wall break

Holy basado, detectiveanon


You're talking about letting 6 people die to save a cat? While it probably is a reference to Power it also is a really stupid moment that the mangaka wrote just to make people go "UOAH, BASED!!! HE IS SO BASED!!!"

LOL based detective autist

100% a Power reference. The cat has identical markings to her devil form. Makimafags/Nayutapedos can cry all they want but there is no denying this

I actually don’t think this thread is a Diaper thread. A Diaper thread would be something more like this

My guy that was probably made by the same OP