What the hell, this was actually pretty fun?

No seriously, what's up with the hate this movie got up until the last few years? Yeah Jean-Claude Van Damme is pretty miscast and clearly can't speak english that well and the guy playing Ken is a little stiff at times, but a lot of the cast (Ming-Na, Byron Mann, Andrew Bryniarski, Wes Studi and especially Raul Julia) and perfect in their roles and the action is fairly kino. Were people just angry over the tongue-in-cheek tone?

I mean don't get me wrong, it's flawed and cheesy as hell and some of the choices they made are just baffling (genius scientist Dhalsim, good guy Balrog, evil Deejay), but really it's no worse than the standard big budget action movie from the late 80's/early 90's. Hell, every scene with Bison alone elevates it above almost every Steven Seagal movie.

Maybe it's a phenomenon where movies we once saw as terrible look better in hindsight compared to the crap coming out now. Perhaps that will continue, where movies shat on now will look like masterpieces compared to whatever shit the future will hold.

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who the fuck wanted guile as main char? it had to be ryu and ken

but it has some great moments

> who the fuck wanted guile as main char?
The American movie executives, mostly.

I've read it was Capcom thinking that Guile would be more appealing to Americans back then. Either that or it was because it made sense to focus on Guile since he had the personal vendetta against Bison while Ryu and Ken didn't at the time.

They made this movie for kids. As a kid, you wanted to just see the videogame characters do their special moves on the big screen. None of the characters looked the part and their fighting moves were shit. It came out in '94. 'Mortal Kombat' came out a year later. It was still somewhat jarring as a kid, to see how much it had changed from the videogame, but at least there was a movie there. It's still considered the best videogame movie adaptation to date. Streetfighter is only remembered for how horrible it was. Blanka looked like a replacement for the '70's hulk in chemo, and Dhalsim only got bald by the end of the movie. Neither did any fighting. Raul Julia had a suit on that was three sizes too big and Van Damme... Well who the fuck knows what he was doing there. Guile was one of the coolest characters in the game. Yes, adults can enjoy it ironically for the trainwreck it was, but as a kid it was atrocious. Only guy who looked the part was Zangief. And they made him a retard. So some things are better left up to the imagination.

Blanka does fight some faceless goons, but it's very brief. I think they were only in the movie because Capcom was insisting on putting as many characters in as possible.

this threads a joke right? the whole thing was a fucking miscat. Cammy, the british girl? cast an australian. ryu, the jap? make him hapa.and the fucking worst of all, guile, the all american. cast a french esl.

The girl playing Cammy was the only one who looked the part and was willing to do it.


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kylie minogue?

Yeah, apparently she was cast like a week or two before filming began.

>Capcom had long envisioned Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile and asked him to be cast. Raúl Juliá said that he accepted the role of Bison because his children are huge fans of the video game series.[9] After Van Damme and Juliá were cast as Guile and Bison, most of the casting budget had been spent.[10] Van Damme's fee alone took nearly $8 million of the film's $35-million budget.[11] This meant that the majority of other parts had to go to little-known or unknown actors, such as Byron Mann, Damian Chapa, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo and Grand L. Bush.[10] Kylie Minogue was cast as Cammy as a result of the Australian Actors' Guild wanting Steven E. de Souza to hire an Australian actor. By the time he received the request the only part not cast was that of Cammy. De Souza first learned of Minogue from her cover photo on a "World's 30 Most Beautiful People" edition of Who magazine

>Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed later that during filming, he had a drug problem (doing $10,000 worth of cocaine a week) and an affair with Kylie Minogue. Director Steven E. de Souza confirmed in 2018 that van Damme's cocaine addiction caused constant disruptions during filming. The studio had hired a wrangler to keep an eye on van Damme, but this person was a bad influence himself. The action star would often call in sick, leave the set, show up late or not at all, forcing de Souza to find other scenes to film in order to make up for lost time.

Gettin 8 million to do drugs and fuck top celebrities, and people still pay to watch you and support you. I never understood the hype behind JCVD. He was a more faggy version of Arnold that lacked the charisma and wasn't able to use his accent to his benefit when delivering the lines. He accidentely makes a parody of the classic "I need a vacaction"-line


I wanted to see him do his electricity move. And see him do his headroll attack. I can't remember what he did with the goons, but it was most likely shit. He threw them somewhere or something. You blaming this trainwreck on Capcom?

Minogue was no problem

>According to cast and crew, Jean-Claude Van Damme was not easy to work with, due to a combination of professional ego and substance abuse. Being the biggest star on the film, van Damme got a presidential hotel suite with a gym put into his room, but he would often refuse to come out of the hotel or his trailer until he felt ready. When he did come out, he would often bring alcohol to the set, or take hours to shoot his scenes. By contrast, everyone loved Kylie Minogue, praising her for her professionalism and generosity, such as hiring a club and buying drinks for the entire cast and crew to make the tough shoot a little easier. There was equal praise for Raul Julia, who was accompanied by his family due to being terminally ill with stomach cancer; despite his declining health and frail state, everyone thought that Julia was always focused, and was a joy to work with.

Every scene with Bison is great, every other scene is shit, specially those with van Damme


The movie is entertaining in a so bad its good kind of way with much of it being carried by Raul Julia. It really didn't give anyone what they wanted in a Street Fighter movie other than some characters looking like they did in the games. Luckily there was the animated movie around the same time which was vastly superior.

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There was a LOT of meddling behind the scenes. Originally there were only going to be 7 or 8 characters from the game but Capcom kept persuading the director to put more and more in until Akuma and Fei-Long were the only characters not included (and even then some believe Captain Sawada was intended to be Fei-Long). Speaking of Sawada, Capcom really wanted him to play Ryu, despite the fact he spoke english even worse than Van Damme did, so the director just put him in the movie to appease them.

There was a lot of crazy bs behind the scenes from Van Damme's shenanigans, Julia dying, meddling executives, the cast getting laid at massage parlors, the special moves being shoehorned in at the last minute (they originally weren't going to include any of them because they felt they were too unbelievable), so really it's a miracle it got finished and is a coherent film at all.

OP here, while I do enjoy the live action film in a cheesy way, I don't think anyone will deny the animated movie was better, especially for the Chun-Li vs. Vega fight.

Not gonna deny Van Damme's buffoonery, but he's still in third place behind Stallone and Schwarzenegger. You watch 'Hard Target' and it's still an amazing action movie.

You ever read the whole story about the Street Fighter video game based on the movie? It's pretty awesome. It was going to be a 'Mortal Kombat killer' but so many things went wrong behind the set.

Hell, yeah, and I loved the fact that the guy playing T. Hawk just left the country before they could film him for the game.

The movie is mostly in the territory of being so bad it's good. Raul Julia really carried the movie. Besides, it's honestly heartwarming when you know that he took the role just so his kids could have a good memory of their father before he passed away from cancer.

third place of what?

One of the actors, I can't remember who, Andrew Bryniarski I think, once remarked in an interview about how inspiring everyone found Julia's performance to be. Everyone saw how weak and sickly he was, but he would just transform before their eyes into this larger than life super villain as though nothing was wrong.

Of cool action heroes.

not even close

Chow Yun Fat
Bruce Willis
Chuck Norris
Charles Bronson
Tom Cruise
Mel Gibson
Bruce Lee
Wesley Snipes

all rank above JCVD