You guys are seeing it right? You're not homophobic right?

You guys are seeing it right? You're not homophobic right?

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>break the 4th wall trailer

well ai knows

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this one you never heard "he made love to me in the ass"

Same exact graph would apply to: What will happen if bestiality is legalized? but nobody argues in favor of bestiality

marriage is gay enough without faggots doing it.

Same for children, because it's morally wrong and you've gotta draw the line somewhere. Consent is generally where you should draw the line

who plays him in the biopic

thats next on the list after kids

also on topic since I want to see a sequel to Legend with that guy a digitally de-aged Mia Sarah

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Wrong. Things I don't like should be illegal.


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are you all from the 18th century?

AI invariably turns Nazi. It’s like a Godwin’s Law of computer science. Really makes you think.

kek it's a wonder they even have internet access, and own a TV and an automobile.

but schools are teaching children about gay sex

the joke is that 4 of those things have happened since gay marriage was legalised, and 1 (WW3) appears imminent

when did the terrorist won?

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1 year ago in Afghanistan

but the americans lost

Oh yeah totally, the reddittor didn't just tell the AI to draw "satan face gay flag" and pretended it was something else to start shit.

that pic was posted on reddit in the year 2011 by an epic redditor that thought do do a big own and how gay marriage is fine and not the end of the world. Fast forward to today, after gay marriage was legalized some years ago, everything in that pic happened, proxy war in ukraine, covid, teaching anal sex in schools, the taliban won. So it really aged poorly

>3rd world war
One of NATO's biggest anti-russki arguments is the poor wittle faggots
>various plagues
AIDS, Monkeypox, etc
>school teach kids to ram ass
>terrorists will win
God I wish, I have more in common with Hadji- who just wants his cousin wife to make him cous-cous, to have some kids, and to be left the fuck alone- than some fucking fairy faggots. Unironically listening to nasheeds.

Fake and gay and satanic.

Literally all of those other things have happened or are in the process of happening