Is ugly in your path

>is ugly in your path

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I find his lack of eyebrows disturbing

Have sex.

why do they keep pushing this guy? hes not a good actor and very off putting to look at.

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he's got a big cock and pleasures the most ugly producers

he and old Rhany look kino together

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matt smith is extremely comfy

They wanted the women crowd and women watch doctor who so that's who they cast.

Women love him though

I wish I could be this ugly.

this. women and children are the gateways to mens wallets. always have been.

He is hot and he can use me anyway he wants.

are you saying that men will run to stores to buy matt smith merchandise to women?

poop my pants

>le lower your chin and look up fag
>i'm acting here

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they look like siblings

He looks like a retard

>>le lower your chin and look up fag
and it's kino every single time

Because he is white and down to earth.

sure, you do give gifts to your partner, right? or the women just take their husbands money and buy it themselves.

He's a pretty solid actor with slightly uncanny but appealing features. He has screen charisma.
You have autism and are a genetic dead-end, unfortunately.

Finally someone who understands.

why do you feel shame for liking him? your seething betrays you.

finally someone I can relate to

He is quintessential British. Like someone you'd see on a WW2 poster.

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