I'm still reeling from his death

I'm still reeling from his death.

For the Americans who don't understand how important he was. Imagine if the first person who put cheese on a hamburger died.

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Someone like Jean-Luc Godard for me is intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good Kung Fu film.

Who is this guy?
Is he the really one who invented cheese on burgers?

Nobody knows who he is outside of "intellectuals" telling that he was important. Infact none of the French new wave movies made any money even when they were released. They weren't popular even in France! The only thing that people who aren't complete fags like about Godard is that Anna Karina was in his movies. He only exists because people pretend to like his movies (but this support has never been financial), and because the most entry level first year cinephile thing to do is to model yourself after Godard. And a very few grow out of that.

Rest in peace cheeseburger man.

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1. Bergman
2. Bresson
3. Tarkovsky
4. Kurosawa
5. Fellini
6. Kubrick
7. Welles
8. Ford
9. Godard
10. Spielberg

Literally the worst of the French new wave directors

Rest in cheese

What is this supposed to mean?

Looks like a hitlist of an unsatisfied customer

Bitch, what are you talking about? Tarantino literally called his company a Godard movie. Everybody knew who he was. It's not the '90s. Any bitch watched Breathless and Masculin Féminin.

Benny Hill has more artistic credibility than this guy

People know who Hitchcock is. People don't know Godard is.

Maybe if your social circle wasn't all blacks, you'd talk differently

No one cares, fuck this faggot

Look at you, throwing a bitch fit because people don't give a fuck about your shitty frenchy fuck director

If you say so, Omar.

Is this the guy from Star Trek? That show sucked

I’ve never gotten anything out of his movies. They have felt constructed, faux intellectual, and completely dead. Cinematographically uninteresting and infinitely boring. Godard is a fucking bore. He’s made his films for the critics. One of the movies, Masculin, Féminin, was shot here in Sweden. It was mind-numbingly boring.

King Lear is his best film. Fight me irl

>the most important French director is half Swiss and has 3 relevant films


No but he invented LE-posting.