Why did they hate her?

Why did they hate her?

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She kept going on about those rape gangs, it's a bit of a downer desu

also how great drugs are

She refused to get on knees for Berman. So he killed her off.

unironically dropped the show after she died
i read that she's the one that decided to leave and she wasn't fired

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She thought the show was garbage and that it was destined to be cancelled within a couple of seasons, so wanted out. A real woman moment.

Much like pulaski. After both of them left TNG radically changed in order to stay afloat. It focused more and more about geopolitics, rather than space exploration and strange aliens. They literally brought roddenberry's concept to an abrupt end.

tbf the first tng seasons were indeed garbage

What I felt was a kick in the teeth is they bring her back for one episode and it was really good. It was like a movie. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

I liked how they brought her back as the rape baby of hers.

I honestly can't blame her for leaving, because the first season of TNG is pretty fucking dire
It's a shame she did though, she was the best looking woman on the main cast

They brought her for one episode just to kill her again. They truly hated her

Based. The later seasons are much better and geopolitics is kino. Only issue I have with the later seasons is that every other episode is a Data episode. I like Data but he's clearly the writer's pet

I finished watching the episode where data has to hand hold some kid that thought he obliterated his entire ship and to cope with it pretended to be an android like data. Data episodes are too good.

I'm on season 5 data has a few moments and so far just 1 episode with him as the main focus. How much more prominent does he become? Because so far I'm comfy with the amount of screen time hes getting. Frankly I'd like less Troi and more Dr. Mommy.

Because she quit the show before the writing improved, leaving her character as awful for all time.

Apparently Sela's Tasha didn't die, not immediatly at least, but spent the rest of her life surviving in an abandoned romulan penal colony

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Dr. Mommy mostly takes backseat unforutnatley. he becomes much more prominent in season 6 and 7, although I'm only halfway through season 7 at this moment. He's a good character and his episodes are good, I just wish we got more from Riker and/or Whorf who I like more with every episode

they thought tng was a sinking ship. i guess for good reason the first couple seasons still have that lame corniness to them.

>Dr. Mommy takes a backseat

I was so upset I didnt even finish my post. Fuck.

Fuck you I liked the corny episodes, reminded me of TOS kinda corny.

Crusher was seriously underdeveloped. The actress herself is a piece of plywood and when she opens her mouth she says stuff that would make the most retarded soccer mom look like socrates, but i think they wanted her to be this way. I believe Patrick Stewart was afraid that Diana Muldaur would steal his spotlight, so he mobbed her into leaving production and replaced them with a literal retard. Ironic, since Diana was probably one of many roddenberry's cum rags from the original series and had more leverage on the franchise's head honcho

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I've only started watching the series recently and though I'm only part way through Season 2, it already feels like this is the case. I guess it makes sense, given that he's the most unusual of the main cast, there's just more to explore with him than other crew members. You get the occasional Worf/Klingon episode, and sometimes a "lets talk about Jordie's visor" segment ... but otherwise, I guess the "nature" of the other crew members isn't interesting enough to drive many episodes without some external drama to drive things along.

God she was so hot. I can see stewart being that fucking petty too.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Pulaski was better than Crusher.

That's fair
If I was around at the time watching Season 1 as it came out, and someone told me Seasons 3-7 would be some of the best television ever made, I'd have thought you were insane