She's cute and I'm tired of pretending she isn't

She's cute and I'm tired of pretending she isn't.

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So what? Belle Delphine is cute but I hate her nonetheless

she's a tryhard and it shows, so bad actress

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get your eyes checked

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She’s kind of a homely rat woman

then take your meds


Get your t levels checked, gayboi

la rata alada

kek how fragile are you

rata de dos patas

She looks like she could pack fat really quick. Honey Boo Boo genetics.

I have to semi mouthbreathe like that but get really self conscious about it like 'oh shit people can see me mouthbreathing' but then I try nosebreathing too long and get paranoid I can't breathe enough. I hate social anxiety.

i think you have absolutely no idea what the word cute actually means

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el rato dorada
la noldor dentada


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she ratto

James May looking ass.

Why were you pretending?