Remember when sitcoms had the "rapey misogynist sexist sleep with everyone" guy trope?

Whatever happened to that trope?

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Joey wasn't rapey. How I Met Your Mother is the worst sitcom I've ever seen in my life. I loathe it as much as Scrubs.

How? All the women they slept with consented to it?

Fuck off dickhead

>be dumb enough to get tricked

Died of STDs together with the "promiscous white people" sitcom.

The girlboss slut replaced him.

A shill thread died for this

God I wish I was Monica's straw.

Don't you have some buzzfeed article to write you stupid faggot?

cheers handled this quite well. by the time the show ended, one of the final episodes revolves around a very sobering but still funny realization for sam that he has a crippling sex addiction.
they take the stud main character and basically tell him "dude, you are fucked in the head. how do you think this is normal? get help."

And I wish to cancel your wish and make you Ross's straw

Remember, if a women ever regrets the act, no matter how long that actual act was in the past, it automatically becomes rape.
Women's feelings can defy the laws of physics, logic, and basic law all in one fell swoop.

That trope still exists in real life.

Joey's "How you doing" line was some MKUltra brainwashing technique that he learned somehow.

He got laid off. Show some respect.

Remember Rules of Engagement where they cast David Spade as that archetype?
Wild times

Trope doesn't mean anything.

I hope you get raped.

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The King of Queens make all of those shows look like dumpster fires.