Why was it so soulless, and can it be saved at this point?

Why was it so soulless, and can it be saved at this point?

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> mogs your spy action flick

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It's not interesting or thrilling at this point, modern h4xx0r Bond is just Mission Impossible with a carrot up its ass
These are the two Bonds I would watch:
>A full return to cold war shenanigans, campy and colorful, without modern color grading
>"Last hurrah" team-up between Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton Bonds for my selfish fanservice
This and the Man from UNKLE were better Bonds

plots are idiotics.
the dyke boss is unbearable, i mean, nobody sane can watch this butch without legitimately urgently wanting to switch sides, and work for Putin ASAP.
Craig is so stupid he's into all the woke bullshit it's not even a meme at this point it's real.
Bonds have been drowned to death in the waters of Evergreen.

you can't fix it. it's dead.

I dunno. Needs a revival. Its up its own ass in the final three films. Hadn't have a blockbuster style Bond since GoldenEye. Casino Royale/Skyfall is on the artsy fartsy side of Bond. We need more Goldfinger and Less From Russia With Love at this point.

Casino was kino, but Quantum doing slightly worse and not being received as well for some reason caused them to over correct (most of Quantum's problems were with the writers strike causing production mayhem, it's not nearly as bad as what came after).
I wouldn't mind going back to something super serious and smaller scale and not designed for stupid people.

The former is what we will continue to get, should they continue with the franchise. From a geopolitical perspective, the only logical adversary to England and the West as a whole are the Chinese, which of course will never be touched. Unless the series is reset to the 50s/60s and are now cold war espionage period pieces, the absurdly wealthy white genius with a chip on his shoulder will always be the antagonist. I grew up with Bond so it pains me greatly to say this, but I think the series should end.

On a passing thought, what are the chances Bond becomes the MI6 Cinematic Universe, and every year we get yet another phase of movies focusing on different 00 agents>

What if Ethan Hunt says that he's building a team?

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Remove the woman and it would be kino. Is the plot to drive the merchants from the temple?

this was fucking awful and will be looked back on as completely embarrassing. anyone who likes kingsman is legit low IQ

Shame the sequel shat the bed so hard

Yes, it needs to be set back in time. It would also fix the problem of the exotic locations. Watching a movie about espionage in the 40's or 50's could still feel exotic to the audience. Going to a country close to the equator for the umpteenth time does not.

Who would replace Salt? Danny Ocean? Dom from Fast and Furious?

Royale > No Time To Die > Skyfall > QoS > Spectre
I love Craig unironically

Never Say Never Again had some refreshing elements to it

Has there ever been a period piece Bond? Aren't they always made to be contemporary to when they're released?

anyone who acknowledges non-eon movies including the original casino royale is not a bondbro

>Aren't they always made to be contemporary to when they're released?
Yes, and hopefully that changes in the next revival. A Bond film that takes place in the 1950s - 1960s and being made with the modern technology they have now would be pure kino.

Order of release for me, with CR being the best

insanely based. barbara are you taking this down?

They always stick pretty strongly to formula. They accommodate changes in tone but I can't see them making a niche period piece if they've never done anything like that before.

The Man from UNCLE was way better than Kingsmen. Although I did like Kingsmen.

This was such fucking garbage. The whole series.

Leave Bond to me

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I've never felt convinced by Craig as James Bond. He never smiles or acts casual. He looks like some poorly disguised Russian assassin who's there to murder someone quickly and hop into a getaway van.

In fairness, a stripped-down, back-to-basics approach and adapting a Fleming novel for the first time in decades was something no one was expecting back in 2006

I got this

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The problem is there are only 150 people in the world who read the books and would even watch a period piece. So the real question is what the hell are they going to do next?

They should have gone the other way and cast Tom Hiddleston off the back of the Night Manager as a more suave Bond who prefers to use smarts and espionage rather than just being a thug. Sadly he's a bit too old for it now and his celebrity status has faded

Yeah, plus they can't do product placement of current products in a period piece.

I don't want an origin story but would love to see a young less experienced Bond who relies too much on modern tech going up against a bad guy who has an old school approach. A reversal of the whole 'old dog' angle they went with for Craig.

The core Bond audience is boomers and they would never be sympathetic to a movie with am implicit "new ways > old ways" message

>trying to make a decent James Bond movie in current year

I don't like their chances