Why is the show so good even though the game is kinda boring?

Why is the show so good even though the game is kinda boring?

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I didn't play the game, but some games work better as a series instead of game, patching/acting all can play a role.
Either way U really liked it even if I din't have big hopes due to netflix

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yawn no one cares.

is it?
why? should i watch it? why?
tell me

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because is really good, better than anything relased on tv the last month, even if is not really an high bar to clear

It's okay just has hot anime girls. I've only seen the pilot episode of Darling in the Franxx but this was a lot like that if you're familiar.

If you honestly think this story was better than the one in the game you are pretty retarded.

the game story was shit

It's not that great, it's one of those feels bait anime

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every single character in the game is shit, and so is every single quest except the farm one.

there was 1 or 2 more decent quests tbf

It's a fun downward spiral story with cool cyberpunk themes.

It's also really neat how faithful it is to the game lore. It uses the exact same sound effects and locations and names for everything. I don't know if ive ever seen anything this faithful to it's source.

I played the game but I don't usually watch anime, would you recommend it still?

The only quest i remember was the one where that guy got crucified then again i dropped the game because i wasn't enjoying it

Yes the netflix subs are bad if you are watching it in japanese tho

I am a subtitles guy, but in this case would you recommend the dub?

It's one of those anime equivalent of Oscar bait shows that will only be remeberd because of the ending where Adam smasher shows up and murders the cast to mopey sad music

The dub didn't sound bad to me but i didn't listen too much of it because i watched it sub give it a shot still if anything

I'm dub is actually pretty good. Gave me adult swim nostalgia.

Pretty fucking absurd opinion as no game has such detailed, well-written characters as cyberpunk as to now.

It was very cartoony, I like my cyberpunk to be harder scifi.