Netflix attacks a defenseless man after his death

>Netflix attacks a defenseless man after his death

Bravo, Netflix.

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they also canceled norm then they tried to make some film on him after his death

I'm becoming to old to care about the poison of humanity and greed but it still made me go "really"

Just like how he attacked defenseless children, elderly and dead people.

isn't it funny how they always go after them once they're dead and unable to name anyone else?

t. pic related

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Sir Jim

So you schizoid fucks go apeshit over some alleged kindersnatch operation in the US, which supposedly involves all major political and hollywood figures, but then you turn around and try to defend an actual proven pedophile, necrophile and rapist like Savile?

Who dis?

Captain Sir James, Lord Savile, 1st Baron Noncington

How did he get away with it?

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i hate Any Forumstards
this site would be better without that hellhole

Why do britbongs love child rape so much? Their heroes molest children, their police let grooming gangs go free after lol eating thousands, their royal family are known nonces. Someone should really just nuke that island.

Still one of the greatest bits of all time.

Ironic really, that's what he did to those bodies


user if you're going to bat for a controversial figure, they should be controversial, not an actual skinwalking monster who raised money for charities to ingratiate himself into hospitals to rape sick children.

I keep hearing that Jimmy Saville was an absolute demonic perverted rapist monster but I've never read a single story about him

Like all non French Yuros, they are naturally servile. Russians need a man to frind them into paste, Germans need a bureaucracy and Brits need a King. If you take them away, they will just replace them, as the brits did in 1640, 1688, 1755, just now. I have sympathy for the Yuros, its in their nature and they cant help it. The real disgust comes when a Burger worships a royal or likes Putin. Betrayal of nature.

Come on this guy was guilty as fuck. He did probably end up taking some blame for other high ranking pedos though.

What an embarrassing post, pierre


>generated millions for charity

Slippin Jimmy nothing wrong

Marhaba, how’s the weather in Paris, fellow non-frog?