Quack edition

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Watched some ds9 yesterday. Ziyal died ;_;

Which one?

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Does anyone else struggle with early DS9 rewatches?
Some of S1-2 Eps are downright atrocious

I like the episode where Sisko says "bread" with far more emotion than is necessary

oh no wonder i could never remember her character whenever she appears again. i thought it was all on the makeup

Tracy has the cuter professional head shot but Melanie looks better in the makeup

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Waltuh... the nanobots

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Can Bajorans and Caitians breed?

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yeah that's the scene right there!

Computer, locate yeoman Dwayne Dibley.

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>Can Bajorans and Caitians breed?
Yes. Caitian brood is led rike human. Bloken nose breed gleen like Vurkan.

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>Patrick Stewart gains creative control
The end of TNG


In TOS: A Private Little War, McCoy and Kirk both vaporize goomaytoes yet neither faces charges. Why?

If I tell you why I might get another two day vacation for trying to discuss Star Trek so I guess you'll just have to google it.

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Would you

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I would fuck her brain through the hole on her forehead