How do we fix Australian television?

How do we fix Australian television?

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Who the fuck watches it kek

More Jane Bunn

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australia ended the moment they gave up their guns

Who actually watches free to air tv anymore?

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trannies are usually left wing and lefties are anti-gun, your post makes no sense

>Hourglass figure
>A week's worth of hours

didn't know it got that cold in australia

so this is the aboriginal names for places right? why does it have what i presume is the presenter's IG at the bottom right kek

deserts get pretty cold at night

you DO fill out the traditional place name on auspost bags, right user?

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Funny how people say they live in Naarm but the only reason they're there is because of the people who call it Melbourne

Yeah but I think the Instagram is the artist who did the backdrop maybe.

Some places have snow all year round. It sucks.

shit happened before i was born. boomers then have the nerve to whinge about shit gong downhill

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>cities that didnt exist until the english rocked up
how the fuck did aboriginals have names for places that didnt exist yet?

Without having an alphabet?

kek they dont have a written alphabet they just make noises and whitoid fuckheads translate it