Dum Dum give me Gum Gum

Dum Dum give me Gum Gum.

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i didnt even know i had this memory before

I unironically love those movies.
More so the first one.

they didn't speak like that tho

who cares about wax figures?

Just like the Madame Tusseauds shit that museum should be destroyed for something authentic.

Why do we not get family adventure comedies anymore?

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Cum cum


I remember a German exchange student who thought this was the funniest fucking thing he’d ever seen and kept repeating it without end.

Sounds like a cool guy. Shame on the joyless Anglo nations, glory to the German comic sensibility.

the first film is pure sovl

Moai are so based

I always hated that big head.
Also Ben Stiller really looks like he didn't want to be in the film in every scene he's in.

this made me piss and shit myself when I was a kid, everyone though it was funny

bad goyim stop asking questions

is this the zoomer-core thread?

I still think it's funny and I can't explain why. You could argue that it isn't any different from the le randumb reddit humor of today but this had sovl.

What would happen if you took the tablet into a sex shop?

the Jumanji sequels were arguably of the same genre

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Based Futurist

chad chad made you mad mad?

Sneed Sneed give me Feed Feed.