Why can't Moneypenny get laid? She's the biggest femcel in movie history

Why can't Moneypenny get laid? She's the biggest femcel in movie history

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I think Roger Moore fucks her one time. Roger Moore was truly the best Bond.

False, Bond and Moneypenny never have sex

It's weird how Moneypenny is flirting with Bond in Diamonds Are Forever like immediately after his wife died. Bitch, you were at the wedding!


There were two years inbetween

it was the other fella

*autistic screeching*

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Don't we see her in bed with some guy in Spectre before Bond calls her?

I like the Dalton era one, but Harris' last outing was especially tasty.

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That nigger is not Moneypenny

Actually Bond loves her just as much and would unironically wife her if he had the chance, but both know they have to keep their relationship professional.

Its amazing how literally every character is getting blackwater

The odds of this actually happening and being true are probably slim to none, but I heard Karen Gillan will be the next Moneypenny. I hope it's true... but it's likely just a fever dream.

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Craig got seconds. Architect found her first.

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Makes sense. Moneypenny and Q are essentially the third wheel in their scenes

As long as a white man is fucking the brown woman I literally don't care

Agreed, and after all the social pandering and pseudo-representation of the last movie. The series could really use a fresh beginning. Luckily, Ben Wishaw (Gay Q) confirmed he won't return.

Thank fuck. He should stay as Paddington but not as a (Gay) Paddington.

Spies being spies should be brought back.

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>literally fighting with the taliban
how in the hell did they get away with it?

Hollywood being Hollywood. Betting on who will win the wars.

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