Why Was He Who Must Not Be Named...?

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Coz it's spoopy this way

political correctness, Daily Prophet went woke years ago

originally it was something to do with people being so scared of him they couldn't say his name but if I remember correctly then during the 6th/7th books there is actually some magical trace on the word Voldemort, saying it will alert the death eaters to your location, that's how they found Harry and the others after they escaped the barrow

Because he searches the world by keywords spoken, and can track whoever speaks his name.

So just run a second trace on the phrase?

>he actually believed the propaganda
At best, this was bullshit spread by the Death Eaters themselves to create fear or it's something wizards cucked with fear imagined. If Voldemort had anything resembling name-related omniscience at the height of his power then he should have recovered it after Goblet of Fire.

youd think but it's the wizarding world of Harry potter, every person is a complete retarded and nothing makes any sense

>the trace is coming from inside the building

it became real in the last book

Half the critiques I see on this board are obviously coming from movie speedwatchers desperately trying to manufacture their own "gotcha" moment for no reason at all.

This one is easy to spot because the premise doesn't actually exist here.

In the literal last year of his return, fucking retard. It 100% wasn't the reason people refrained from using his name decades prior.

>He is tracking people using this trick during the first conflict
>There is a directive to never use his name, or you die and reveal your position
>No one uses his name and replace his name with catchy phrase
>This phrase catches up


In the early books they're just trying to make him seem more spoopy (also his name is kind of silly and I guess Rowling was just trying to see if readers would mind it), but in the later books Rowling evolves the concept to make it that the name system actually works out for Voldemort because he rules by fear and would prefer that people are too scared to invoke his name directly, and how deadnaming him is the noblest thing to do.

What's a speedwatcher?


In the extended Literature J.K. Rowling explains that "Voldemort" is also a wizarding slur, sort of like Nigger. His name in the wizard's tongue means "he who does not like niggers". It is not that they CANNOT say the N-word, but rather it is the word that must not be named or you will lose goblin money.

She goes on to explain the goblins basically funded all of this happening so they could get more wizard money from both sides. The International Goblinry is actually the real enemy, as she explains it.

He wanted his return kept secret until he was ready to start open hostilities again, Harry escaping almost fucked that up but Malfoy was able to save the plan by convincing the minister that Harry and Dumbledore were lying as a power-grab. When they did start fighting openly he conquered the country in a couple of months and set up the taboo.

what are you saying, the premise of the trace doesn't exist?
>The Taboo (incantation unknown) was a powerful jinx which designated a word as a key to revealing the speaker's location. This spell was used during the Second Wizarding War. During the said war, saying Voldemort's name was made Taboo and therefore used as a means of capturing members of the Order of the Phoenix, whom the Death Eaters believed to be the only ones who dared to speak it.[1]

>Malfoy was able to save the plan by convincing the minister that Harry and Dumbledore were lying as a power-grab

The situation was rather suspicious as well. Not even his friends and others who liked him believed him. Rowling was making a tired point about a comfortable lie. Papa Malfoy didn't have to work hard to make them believe it.