Does he deserve to be in prison?

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Also are any seasons besides the first one worth watching at all?

All he did was commit a little conspiracy, no big deal.

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The fuck was the point of that Netflix series again?

Second one has its moments, nowhere as good as the original, but if elaborates on some interesting stuff that should’ve been in S1 (such as Joe’s history as a police chief).
The Doc Antle one has a great first episode, a mediocre second episode, and the third episode is straight up disinfo/slander (at the end they even admit the episode is 100% bullshit ) for clicks.

Entertainment? What else are tv series made for?

"lol @ these crazy fucks".

lolcows: the series

no, he deserves to be in a mental asylum

He deserves to go to a mental asylum because he's gay? Fuck off.

It's not the 1950s anymore grandpa. Grow up.

he's a gay ephebophile sex predator, a mental asylum is taking it easy on him

>He deserves to go to a mental asylum because he's gay?
Nowhere was that said, but yes, yes he does, and for that reason.


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uhhh... homophobic much?

who hurt you?

They're disgusting. Their illness is odious. Repellent. It's CRINGE and SUS.

If he was a straight guy offering female teenagers drugs for sex I'd also want him jailed

I think you're confusing Joe with Doc Antle.
All of Joe's lovers were 100% of age. And consenting.

lol wat. He's got the right guy.

I'd say so, yeah. Even If he didn't plan to kill the bitch, he's still just generally guilty of being a drug addicted murderous whackjob.

He's lucky one of his scumbag buddies didn't kill him like they do everyone else in the industry.

Being a whacky, kooky, all around loopy dude isn't a crime.

Being a whacky, kooky, all around loopy dude who is addicted to drugs and randomly fires off firearms and commits about 30 felonies every day before lunch, and i'm not even including the dangerous animal laws, isn't a crime.

Correct. Just the gaymosexuality is.