Fictional food you want to eat

fictional food you want to eat

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Cheese burgers are real food. I'm surprised you didn't know this, OP.
Even though they're an American stereotype, I'm pretty sure they have burgers in Europe, so I think you just don't get out of the house much.

>Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast

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big kahuna burgers don't though that was made directly by someone on set

I could make you a better burger than that but I won't.

>big kahuna burgers don't though
Think again.

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My girlfriends's pussy.

It's just a basic cheese, lettuce and tomato burger with a thin patty.

>That’s the best hamburger I’ve ever had in my life.
I want to eat at the original McDonald’s because there’s no way he would have said that about what they make today.

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Last I've been to USA was like 11 years ago and I still remember how tasty their cheeseburgers and steaks were in the middle of nowhere shitholes. What was the city called... Paige, I think? Somewhere near New Mexico.
God, why was I born in an impoverished shithole and can't escape this hell?

Just imagine how much better the ingredients were in the 50s when they weren't all processed crap.


What country are you in?


processed food is designed to be cheaper and taste better than natural stuff

American food is probably good but i still wouldnt go there because of their nigger problem

>"Uh...AIDS Burger?"

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>Cheese burgers are real food.
no they fucking aren't

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>no they fucking aren't
But you CAN eat them. They're not FICTIONAL.

>and taste better than natural stuff
Have you never eaten real food?

Your girlfriend has a dick?

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ummmmm.... yes they are?

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I miss those donut truffles