The best actress of her generation

The best actress of her generation.

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>fell in love with another fictional woman
fuuuuuck bros lol

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Looks just as inbred as the femboys who watch female targeted garbage like HotD.

i see monke i type cute

I love her...

she's very great

What if her and Kate Mara had a sex scene together? Would it be peak monke cinema?

It definitely would be up there

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I wonder how threads like these would make her feel

she is subscirbed to Maxmoefoe
there's still a chance

Seriously. She's a good actress. Where did they find this little gemstone?

Hey, it's you! The Hero of Kvatch!

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Australian TV.

Probably through her agent?

There is not a single poster ITT that is white

Dexter's sister?

>let me see your face. You are the one from my dreams

she monke

adorable monke

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Nice skyrim-tier thumbnail.

>finishes her episodes
>gets stack of scripts from agent
>they are all terribly written compared to HotD

the actor's travail

are people still going to watch if monke is gone?