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better than I thought it would be

They were put off by the rape

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>2 hours 46 minutes
yeah i'm not watching that shit

show pusy or taste the edge of my blade whore

Zoom zoom

yeah that's the reason you can't get laid...

critics hate kino

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None of you would be interested in this movie if it wasn't NC-17 coomer bait

>vulva shown

You will never be a woman.


he said the heckin' catch phrase!!!s

Sure thing, Fong Goldstein.

Pretty sexy woman naked all the movie OP, do you think the critics would like it?


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Don't get too excited. You rarely see that word when nude scenes are described but it's just the technically accurate word for what we typically call "vagina", which anatomically refers to the hole but has become a synecedoche.

>White women hate sexuality unless it involves black men.

Or you.

Joker for women. So that means pure femcel kino.

when did joe dimaggio get retconned as a handsome guy?

DUDE three hours of misery porn lmao

The soicucks are complaining that it's too violent and rapey. So it's probably kino