I'm 5 minutes in, what do I think of it so far?

I'm 5 minutes in, what do I think of it so far?

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It's fun

>able to think
Clearly not, since you come here to ask.

you think its christian bale's best film

you're watching it the wrong way user
you need to turn off your brain then you'll have fun

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I only read the wikipedia summary. Gorr seems to have such a bleak backstory and dark character/motive. Does Waititi make even that comedic?

Remove the kid storyline and it would have been better. Have him kidnap some poor Asgardian's wife or something

No, Gorr is played straight. He makes the gods absurd arseholes though. Gorr is essentially correct.

Only Gorr and the children are played without cringy jokes.

You're on here instead of watching it so clearly you realise how shit it is.

Well, his whole people die of starvation, his daugther dies in his arms and then the god just laughs at him and makes jokes, so yeah. It's a quip fest.

You should watch God of War Ragnarök if you want a kino story around thor

Was Tessa Thompson cast only because she sucked the director's dick? I can't fucking stand that cunt.

Gorr has one or two quips. The kids can fuck off

I just watched this and I spent the entire movie repeating the words "this is reddit, this is memes, this is reddit, this is memes..." under my breath.

I fucking hated it. I was writhing around on the floor in front of the chair for the last 30 minutes it was so painful.

>Ayy le quippy Marvel movie le epic screaming goats lmao

If you liked it you're in the wrong place.

What would a true 4channer like?

Zoomer ADHD slogfest

so you didnt actually watch it then

Yes I found it similarly painful.

Le Genou de Claire (1970)

Insipid fucking dogshit.

The Rings of Power, streaming now on Amazon Prime.

It was a one time watch for me.
only liked the Zeus scene because of Russell Crowe's performance.