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can a nigger?

can a cuck?

Have you seen the ai art people tout? Most of it looks deformed and needs a human to edit it

>Can a robot use Google and photoshop some random images together?

that one pepe made out of a lady laying in a field next to a stream is pretty kino

Well without any input promps i wouldnt call any ai art a masterpeice.

>He doesn't know

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if you say so

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What's the AI for this? I only use dezgo and it sucks balls

looks like Stable Diffusion

Better than a leftist can

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Thank you for proving my point. Look at the deformed faces. The deformed arms and fingers. The deformed plants and vases and pages. If you stare at any of these longer than a few seconds it becomes obvious. The only novelty is yeah it looks like pepe and other meme images from a glance. But it has no value as art. It's only good at generating simple things


No, but it can take a piece of shit nigger and clean him up.

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Can your wife?

given the new thing is AI drawing art, they certainly can

No, but they can do this though...

Ai art also just uses images that already exist to get its data. It's completely derivative of human art and couldn't exist without access to it.

Wish not to be a technologic retard and know how to install that on my PC

No. A machine cannot create art, it has no soul.

This looks like a robot making fun of what humans think is beautiful painting