Are kids becoming pussies in your cunt?

Are kids becoming pussies in your cunt?

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Isn't this in line with your weeb fantasies?

They are more stupid, of that I am sure

If I was in school and this happened the kids would relentlessly bully the teacher until they quit. Hell, they would do that to teachers with a speech impediment. The fact that these kids feel like they "can't do anything" is so mindblowing to me because of that.

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My nephew looks like this, so yeah. Fucking baby zoomers are all effeminate faggots

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ok but seriously how is it even physically possible to get tits this big? I know its implants but how do you even have that much skin to stretch??? I'm not even talking about caring what seems like several pounds of silicone everyday...

Girls (boys) getting girls pregnant is my biggest fetish.


Are you mad dude hasn't done anything illegal or socially unacceptable yet?
You can't fire h if he acts normal

Are they real tho?

That's why all your schools get shot up

This is not acting normal

can I get a qrd?

They're not implants. Amazon sells "breastplates for crossdressers". It's some weird shit.

its from canada, pretty much self explanatory, a 'transgender' teacher.

That never happened THOUGH

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the slippery slide of modding skyrim

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This is not "looking" normal, as far as I know what he does to his body is up to him in land of the free, chuds were just seething they were preaching it to kids and whatnot.
Dude is hasn't done anything deserving of firing

i think i'll send my kids to a religious school (hopefully not islamic)

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Looks like I'll bring a teaching aide next class then. Oh Jethus Chritht!

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Feel like its more like fetischists becoming bolder with not keeping this stuff at home. Like wtf is up with those tits.

Madresas and christian schools are very good and nicely funded

well yes, but why would the kids not relentlessly bully them? is bullying just a lost art at some schools nowadays?

my nigga this is canada, one bad word and they get their whole life ruined for being transphobic

Isnt that a good thing? Bullying has destroyed many young people's lives right.

good point

the problem is that people always take it from one extreme to another. either "bullying is good and you should bully the weak" or "bullying is bad and you should never do it". normies don't understand middle ground. bullying (in the form of gatekeeping) could have saved the video game industry, but now it's been filled with mouthbreathing normies who suck up microtransactions like the idiots they are

I don't know how it is right now, but that thing would have had a mental breakdown within a week back then here.