An edition in honour of the innate majesty of the mighty Quercus Robur edition

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>joins queue
>starts touching the back of a woman in front of you
>when she turns around whip out your penis
>get seperated from her
>find another woman
>repeat the process
>cops find you
>leap over the wall into the thames
>police collect you when you return to the shore
all in a day's work for adio adeshine.

between the sticks

need courtney love to wipe my arse

Can hate clogwog all you want but you've gotta admit he posts some great porno

Scranning a Kitchener bun. Yum yum

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the scrandemic

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used to be fit

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why is it against a fence
does look quite nice tho ngl

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helpernonce aka marmiteman4

carb overdose

clickety click

What's that?


clogwog still posts? filtered him once i realised he was gay and posting gay porn.

was he wrong?

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what a bitch

Milton Keynes as a whole is fucking atrocious. The centre puts up this facade of modernism and renewal, but its the surrounding areas most people live that are hell holes. Fishermead, Netherfield, Lakes Estate, Stacy Bushes, Fullers Slade, Wolverton, all third world

more like ADIOS SUNSHINE (cos summers over and its autumn now aha)

the scrandemic

>On present trends, the average Slovenian household will be better off than its British counterpart by 2024, and the average Polish family will move ahead by the end of the decade [Financial Times]

dirty knee

need it to be 20-30% warmer than it is

*pushes the boat out*

>As a wog myself we are incompatible.
how so, you're both wogs?

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corr love chilli.

I know mate I used to live near it, are you from MK? It's a soulless shithole and every time I go back I'm struck by how awful it is.

steaming toil looms

what happens when the government publicly states what people already subconsciously know that the experimental gene therapy that they coerced millions to take through unseen before levels of fear based propaganda has killed and maimed more than an other event in recent history.
Will they just carry on, watching the telly and following the football?

why are there so many greeks in australia

no he called out the empire of lies right to their face

erm, sexo

immergration n that

mad how she only has one facial expression

I've never used the Oxford comma. Not sure what the uproar is about. What kind of savage uses a comma before the last word on a list? You use "and" if you need to use anything.

18.5C in the flat according to the thermostat. It's going to be hell this winter in this old flat, FUCK sash windows.

Why did he need to invade ukraine because of this?

he's right

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>18.5C in the flat
Do you live in a shed

australia is a greek name

But at least we helped the shareholders green line go up

I used to live in Downhead Park, one of the better areas to be but I moved out the first instance I could and I'm never going back. Half my family have actually died in that city, we call it the family graveyard. Theres something about MK that turns people into animals and they all fall from grace

prfer not tyo say

Italians and Greeks are like oil and water

Lost me there

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Didnt happen

going for dinner with dadberg so need to keep it sensible then get blitzed after he’s away

his anti-white daughter exploded
chat shit get banged cunt

I think a shed has more insulation. It's an Victorian flat, possibly older.

snakes alive

Stop asking questions

Mediterranean climate and post-war immigration booms

>I've never used the Oxford comma. Not sure what the uproar is about. What kind of savage uses a comma before the last word on a list? You use "and" if you need to use anything.

>"I would like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand, and God"

>>"I would like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and God"

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ahh memories of being young getting blitzed with your mates and then having a family occasion and trying your hardest to seem normal


why do i insist on this package?

who knows

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*dies suddenly and unexpectedly*

oxford commas are based and help readability

I know Downhead Park, knew someone that lived there, it was fine I suppose. At least shitholes like Northampton have a bit of character and soul to them, MK has nothing and is a dump.

kill anglos

sweet potato and spinach curry for tea

staying alive

>when you go to a nightclub and other punters make the sign of the cross when they see you

Why do you post here mihai, you don't talk to anyone and just post random things that usually don't make any sense.



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t. churka churkovich chukrovsky

what would you do if your neighbours knew your internet history?

Nowcast Model + Map (15/09):

LAB: 326 (+124) - 42.0%
CON: 225 (-140) - 31.8%
SNP: 49 (+1) - 3.9%
LDM: 24 (+13) - 10.4%
PLC: 5 (+1) - 0.8%
GRN: 1 (=) - 5.3%
RFM: 0 (=) - 2.8%
Others: 1 (+1) - 3.0%

LAB Majority of 2.
Changes w/ GE2019.

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aha yeah mate
*gives ukraine another few billion*

Despairing over the size of my johnson, my richard, my wilbert, my kettle n tackle

you and what army?

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head teacher at gfs work is being a horrid cunt so I’m going to fuck her car up tonight lol

it's because he's mentally ill

Surprised there isn't a bit of an up tick with the tories after announcing the price cap.

>MTV, gays and lesbians
Blacks are CONSTANTLY effusing that these are their accomplishments.

queen bee

you can find out yourself if you know their IP


i dont have friends any more

>On present trends, the average Slovenian household will be better off than its British counterpart by 2024, and the average Polish family will move ahead by the end of the decade [Financial Times]

>A country in desperate need of migrant labour may soon have to ask new arrivals to take a pay cut

Funniest part is you lot can't even move if you want a better life because you left the EU lmao. Got your fancy blue passports that you can't use though lol

Youre dating a schoolchild arent you

all of this is a fabrication lol

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it lovely

killing anglos

Gopnik, even. Gopnik churka.


the plan for a federated empire parliament

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Migrant labour is responsible for killing wages

you should try killing ukranians first

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And how do you prevent them using this

Your gf is etting you up, most likely.

colleagueberg schedules a weekly meeting at 4pm on a Friday and then turns up 15-20 minutes late meaning we go on way past 5pm. our work day technically finishes at 5.30pm but come on.

taking the absolute piss

eight packs of bobby's potato snax bbq sauce down the hatch


i don’t even reply to emails sent past 3:00

droopy drawers

Eight? Fucking hell

>turns up 15-20 minutes late
7 minutes is my cutoff for a meeting

whitoids seething

>african homoromantic

huh? how come/ I'd assume both of you in a foreign land would larp as Romans together like Italians and Irish Anglos in the USA praise their shared Catholism

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mad how yanks think you don't put beans in a chilli

>whitoids seet *BOOM*

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its almost impossible to extrapolate polling data onto seat projections. Even if Labour are 15% points ahead, the likelihood is that surge will be in seats that are Labour anyway so it won't mean any substantial gains in marginals where they need to win

stop making shit up

twitter troons aren't black

Got a group project for uni with 5 women who won't do their work unless I remind them to. Somehow I've been unofficially elected leader and I can't help but think that I'm contributing to a gendered world where women are denied opportunities in the workplace because of sexism.

>almost impossible to extrapolate data
>extrapolates data

sixsome on the cards


Passing some VERY loose and smelly stools.

>"It felt like I had a fish hook in my face and my flesh was being torn, and the only way to avoid further pain was to stay completely still"

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tits and teeth init

Everyday I wonder why my mentally ill abusive neglectful parents thought it was a great idea to have kids. People will personality disorders should be castrated

I think about how women are physically incapable of deciding on what to eat for dinner/where to go out and wonder if you extrapolate this behavior onto society at large how we can take them seriously

Don't see how you can assume which seats would swing when taking averages of polls conducted on as little as 100 people by yougov

>Fools of little wit are enemies unto themselves as
they move about the world doing evil deeds, the fruits of
which are bitter.

>i dont have friends any more
In this thread? Hard truth is, you never had as long as ive been here. At the least. Everybody dislikes you, always has.

Go collect an other vc you horrid halfwit.

was just saying this down the pub

>in a foreign land
I'm Italian-Anglo, British, Canadian and settler colonial on me mums side, Italian-Australian on me dads. So I'm very much an Aussie.

But, growing up in a wog household and going to school with wogs you learn real quick not to get involved with them past a hookup.

Plus, Greeks seethe at Italians in Australia because they're seen as higher caste.

what's the book about?

should i play osrs? seems like it might be fun but i dont know

And yet you did

remember when tim went mental and posted his spermy dick 400 times on twitter

anyway I'll have the Papoutsakia and hold the olive oil

>its almost impossible to extrapolate polling data onto seat projections
it's run off two data models that take into account MRP polling and electoral calculus data
it's not just straight data projected onto seats
doesn't mean it's necessarily very accurate but there's more to it than just plugging the voting intention polls onto seats

People with personality disorders often makes bad decisions.

disgusting mutt

alri marcus furius pertinax caeser