Fuck you Spain for making me speak this ugly language

Fuck you Spain for making me speak this ugly language

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Isn't guarani Paraguay oficial language? No one forced you to speak spanish user

funny that you think your people speak my language and not some disgusting bastardization of it

we learned Spanish from andaluces. makes you think.
ellos fueron los Chads que conquistaron america

Spanish is also an official language and it's more dominant than Guarani, so you're basically forced to speak it wether you like it or not

then blame your government, you fucking retard

I can also blame your country for bringing their shitty language to our region in the first place

Conquistadors were from Extremadura mostly

you probably have spanish ancestors raped into your gene pool user

I cringe everytime I read or hear the word "conquistadors".
It's conquistadores, it doesn't take much effort to go all the way and add the e.

I do too, but that's the way it's written in English sadly.

Are you memeing or this is how spanish name their places?

It's a real place, it refers to Cortes' cock when he first saw Indias

>Speak a monkeyfied version of spanish
It's your fault for corrupting the language in the first place. Speak guarani and do us all a favor

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>No tan guay

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at this pace in a couple of decades chilean will be considered its own language inshallah

SOY latinx

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I love Spanish because you can emphasize a word just by adding syllables. Eg: te quiero muchísisisisisisisisisisisimo

Thank you brazilianbros for making me speak a better version of poortuguese.

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Wouldn't that be "conquerors"?