Have you listened to Midnight Oil - Australia's most famous band - in your cunt?

Have you listened to Midnight Oil - Australia's most famous band - in your cunt?

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yeah it's impossible to avoid that fucking Beds Are Burning song


they suck honestly

Every cunt has one of these bands always i feel like.

Sorry cobba, I only listen to hip hop and electronic music.

Which is a shame because it's like 1% of their discography and it isn't even really that good compared to some of their other stuff like this:
Yeah nah

australian music is shit. australian cinema is shit. australian television is shit. australian literature is shit. there is no australian identity, we're an outpost of the British Empire in a godforsaken land

Thats why you float

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The only good Australian song youtube.com/watch?v=Jf-jHCdafZY

singer looks like the kind of guy who would go live in the Philippines and molest hundreds of children

>nyarrrghhh nyeerr nyarggghhh give the abos their land back
No, they are shit

What do they play alternative? if so I'm not listening to them

poofter band listen to onefour

i prefer men at work for my favorite aussie band tbqhwyf

now here some proper aussie music

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INXS is kinda neat

Beds Are Burning was on VH1 all the time when I was a kid. Not a great song, the drums are overproduced. I prefer The Chats and ECSR, and even King Gizz and Tame Impala sometimes.

>The Chats

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