Assimilated the most by the English

>assimilated the most by the English
>still is the Celtic nation that preserved the most its native language
How did that happen

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Most of Scotland already lost their Celtic language before being united with England

>How did that happen

8D chess
>Invaded by eternal angloid
>Many move to France
>Many were part of French army that conquered Britain
>Now part of new ruling elites of Anglostan

Irish and scots would learn one thing or two from them.

Why don't the English kick the Welsh back to Ireland and settle the land with Anglo-Saxons?

As much as they would like you to forget, the Scots were the puppet masters of the British Empire. Whatever you're talking about is trivial in comparison.

Fun fact. We have the highest Italian population per capita in the UK and the most Roman settlements per landmass in the UK.

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In Scotland and Ireland the native languages were intentionally supressed by the state following rebellions, whereas in wales suppression of the language was only ever social, not state mandated.

Didnt britbongs exterminated scots and settled the highlands with english during XVII-XVIII centuries? Kek, the welsh mastermind theory is a fact at this point.

>kick the Welsh back to Ireland
Because the Welsh aren't from Ireland you fucking retard. They're from Britain.

There's no real "anglo saxon" anymore, the anglo saxons haven't really been a thing for nearly a thousand years

is that why some welsh are bronze skinned?

The welsh were always completely loyal to the english, there werent the same concerted efforts to suppress welsh culture because there was never any fear that they would rebel.

That was the Highland Scots. I'm talking about the Lowland Scots who constituted the majority of the Scottish population back then and today. In fact, the Lowland Scots played a large role in the Highland Clearances themselves. Also, why are you saying 'britbongs' instead of 'the English'? The Scottish are, by definition, 'britbongs'.

I get the impeession all the non english-british are insufferable butthurt belt-tier, even worse than my countrymen

We originated in the Iberian peninsula so it could also be that. We range from pale and ginger to incredibly swarthy.

>the native languages
how is gaelic native to scotland? are you fucking retarded?

>Highland scots
>Lowland scots
Whats the difference, lmao

Yeah and then the Anglo-Normans conquered Wales for good and paraded their king in London before executing him

Make England Hengest and Horsa again
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Fuck Celts

You mean apart from the fact that they spoke completely different languages?

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