Mexican independence

The celebrations continue, get ready to watch the parade.
Parade will start when the clock on the top right corner says 11:00:00, 2 hours 20 minutes from now.
Possibly part of the route
Them getting ready
There might be speeches first.

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>Mexican independence
You're welcome

There might be some soldiers from Argentina in the parade

I'm just waking up with a hangover. I can't hear a thing from outside, I guess everyone is fucking wasted kek

There is plenty of time

R u excited about the parade?

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1 hour 5 minutes to the parade

Possibly an hour of speeches

They just rose the flag and played the anthem

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President is examining the troops from a jeep

Now they introduce the guests

Tuning in now

Youre just in time

I thought they Evo, Mujica, the family of Assange would give speeches but I dont think so anymore based on their seating

Good speech I can imagibe people on this board who would seethe endlessly at it.

She mostly gave compliment to the president, I wouldnt consider it a good speech. Now its the admiral, he looks like a smart person.

Well I liked it. The admiral's speech is good too.

Ayer también celebraron su independencia otros países,no quieras ser el centro de atención

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I liked the admiral's speech more now its the general of national defense.

Who gives a shit

Busque un poco pero no vi que le dieran la misma importancia a su evento.

20 minutes to the parade but maybe more if the speeches stretch

AMLO is speaking

Now the president is giving a speech Im disappointed because I wanted the international guests to give a speech too but doesnt look like they will

thats a huge flag

AMLO thinks he can bring world peace. Lmao