Favorite Georgian?

Favorite Georgian?

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Hello Pavel

In Africa, lesbians are raped to "Correct" them.
Do Russians have "corrective rape"?
Will this girl experience it?


You took to long I'm disappointed

>Favorite Georgian?

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Hulk Hogan

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That girl doesn't look Georgian at all. Who is she?

chris tucker

This but unironically

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Natasha's adventures
She lives in Georgia now


russians have been hating on caucasians for hundreds of years but as soon as their country turns to shit they flee there
how come?

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There's a community post on her YouTube channel
Channel name is Natasha's adventures

They did the same thing in 1918

kys troon

Stalin was based he wasn't true communist do you know that?

'tasha in the 'log

>Favorite Georgian?

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she got corrective bbc

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