Chudropeans calling russian facist

>Chudropeans calling russian facist

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Very cool, now do over 5% seats and in government rather than opposition.

>Basic Finns party is far-right
They quite literally have bog standard social democrat opinions on everything except they don't want immigrants to leech the system. That's it.

SD are really milquetoast in all things other than that they DON'T want islam to take over Sweden

Ironically, most of those far right parties support Russia

>nationalism bad because.......... uh...... GOVERNMENTS SHOULD SWEAR FEALTY TO SCHWAB & CO NOT THEIR CITIZENS!!!!

Everyone took the bait. Ok.

But in my case, Schwab is it's citizen

>commieropeans calling anything to the right of mensheviks "far-right"

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wtf wheres UK

>they don't want immigrants
That's what counts as far right these days.
The globalists have shifted the idea of people and their countries such that now everyone is entitled to europe, and denying them this basic human right is as bad as stealing food from a starving infant.

They don't want immigrants that freeload*. And even that is too far to get them branded.


Far right are indistinguishable from centrist scum. Stalin knew how such "people" must be treated

Stalin aligned with the rightists first so he could purge the leftists and then reversed position to he could purge the rightists.

>please tell comrade stalin that a monstrous mistake has occurred

The EU regularly pumps out nazi resolutions as well

>they don't want immigrants to leech the system
Literal nazi's

they say the same word for de-nation, genocidal maniacs they are, support them and get killed

Sorry, but fascism is illegal here. Your map must be wrong.

The only far right nationalist party in our Parliament belongs to the bozgor chud minority tho

how did "far right" and "nationalism" become bad words in the media

there is nothing wrong with being a nationalist