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Genetics are cruel. You can be the hardest worker and funniest person in the world but someone else will be better than you in ever way which matters without having to do anything.

sirs don't do that

Don't care, don't need that.

The same level of cuckery as doing gym and sports just yo appeal yo people
I'm fine with being short, fatty schizoid

Honesrly don't know if all you faggots just never leave your bedroom, or if we I live is bizarre. I assume from the fact I see other anons also attest that seeing ugly people and short people having bfs and gfs and husband and wives and friends is completely normal, that it is the former.

What do you mean? I'm outside in the office as we speak, just stating that life and nature in general can be cruel and unfair. By society's standards the people in the OP are "the best" ie they get paid a lot of money, contribute and hold productive jobs. But ultimately some nobody is valued higher on the sexual market because of more height, which they then try to buy.

I don't even make that much in a year and these assholes spend this much just to get their bones broken

>Being fit is for cucks
And other lies fatsos tell themselves. Exercise you moron you're fucking disgusting

Being the hardest worker or funniest person is also down to genetics.

Brownoids will really go to any length just for a crumb of white pussy

IT is full of gnomes, what else is new?
Why else do you think your cords get all tangled when you're not looking?
You know the guy that comes in to help set up your home internet? He's just a distraction so the gnomes are able to sneak in and set up your internet instead while tangling up your cords.
It's a symbiosis relationship.

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Exercise... for what reason?
>b-but the m-mistah Chadson #847362882 s-says that you m-must be fit... why? What d-do you mean why? Just so!

I'm a bloatlord. 103kg 178cm 31 BMI 120kg 1 rep

>noooo I'm too short I'll never get a girlfriend

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And that's exactly why genetics are so important, you know your children will have the best life possible regardless of their own potential personality faults.

I'm happy that my height hasn't hindered my chances with women. I haven't been single longer than 3 month in the past ten years.
t. 5'7 manlet

Just accept you're short, otherwise it's pathetic.

Ameribros, we just can't stop winning.

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I think status is valued more than height on the sexual market

You're my same height and weight around 35kg more.
To avoid being disgusting.

Come within reach of my arms and see what happens, skeltor
Depends on what gives you status of course. A boring job with decent salary is worth jack shit nowadays.

Men didn't used to have these kind of mental issues until women were allowed to set all male beauty standards.

why do you care what women think

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I imagine the most you could get away with is probably 2-3 inches otherwise your proportions will be completely fucked. Even then, how will your legs feel when one bone in each of them has increased its length ratio in relation to the other bones?

gecondoleerd user

>I want male beauty standards decided by men
kinda gay

>even swarthy brownoids from latin america are 5'10 now

How tall are you?