Few days ago I found out that I don't have much time left to live...

Few days ago I found out that I don't have much time left to live. Before heading out to eternal darkness I want to spend my last 27th year of life visiting a real Irish pub in Ireland and ramen shop + maid cafe in Japan. Both places need visa so I will just do some night walks if they dont give it.
What would you do in your country if you had less than a year left?

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there are pills for AIDS these days, you know. you can make it through this

It's lungs from smoking, not aids leaftard

how old are you?

>romanian reading comprehension

nevermind, it's in the OP, I'm retarded
jesus christ
don't even care if you're larping, this gave me further motivation to quit the cancer sticks

How are you feeling, are you panicking that you will die soon, are you angry/bitter or are you calm/accepted it? Is your day to day filled with a sense of dread/fear or do you live day to day life the same as before?

It can happen early with too much smoking and genetic factors, didn't expect cancer in lungs either until it got confirmed. You're better off quitting because risk is always there. If not early you could get it later in life.

No panic/fear but a lot of regret for not living better life, not traveling enough, not getting gf and wasting it all on internet, anime, studying and work. No faith in god either so I know there's nothing afterwards anyways, it will be same nothing that was before I was born but I still want to do few things before it gets unbearably bad and hard to move around.

Oh damn, well, just use the rest of the money you have and travel the world

Make this last year the best one of your life, but you are sorta screwed, even heathy people can get lung cancer, this one doctor I watched got lung cancer and died 5 months ago.

How do you feel about never getting to have a family, never raising your children and never passing on your genes?

Most people on Any Forums aren’t going to do that let’s be real, and the ones that do leave this site

You'd be surprised. Sure, a lot of total losers here, but also people who got their shit together but still visit from time to time, since old habits die hard

Still 70% of people here are loosers

Yes, that's my plan. Going to sell the apartment soon and use all the cash. I'm applying for Japan and Ireland tourist visas soon.
Regrettable but not my biggest regret. I'll miss out on future anime and inventions and discoveries, but once I'm gone that's where regrets will disappear too so it doesn't really matter. It's all biochemical reactions in brain anyways, I'll just get most out of it as long as it lasts. I really look forward to visiting Japan and Ireland still, those two places are what I always wanted to see.

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>I want to spend my last 27th year of life visiting a real Irish pub in Ireland and ramen shop + maid cafe in Japan.
You sound pathetic.
Point proven.

>lungs from smoking
emphysema or do you have a biopsy confirmed carcinoma?

>less than a year to live
if it's cancer, is it metastatic? If it's early it's treatable

I've been visiting Any Forums since 2010. I started because I liked the idea of having international discussions and people, while still Any Forums style, were generally ok. Here I am, with a happy life, gf, job, healthy life style, soon kids etc. Ah, and back in 2010 I was also happy and living a nice life. A lot of 4channers are like. Not everyone loves through the standards of being/not being failures anyways.

To the OP, I hope you can travel to wherever you want this year.

What would you do in your final year being alive, you are probably a looser too, you are on Any Forums

>A lot of 4channers are like
No, I don't care what you say, spamming nigger and arguing over petty stuff on this isn't normal or sane, no matter how much you sugarcoat it.

It's late stage cancer, would have been treatable if I found it early but now there's very low chance to survive this, if any. I'll just use this time to travel before it makes moving itself difficult.
thanks baguettebro, looking forward to seeing some interesting places this winter.

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