You will never hug the South Korean user who always posts here

>you will never hug the South Korean user who always posts here
At what point did you realise life was not worth living?

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this picture is what every man wants

when mods started hash banning my chudjaks
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do

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i have almost 400 apus now
thank u for this apu i have not seen before

no way
c..c-could I see it?

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Franceanon you are hereby declared guilty of cringe.

which one do u wanna see
as i said i have almost 400, 384 to be precise and as of late i have gotten pickier with saving Apus and i have stopped counting things i deem too similar

just a couple of ones that are your fav or you are most fond of recently

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i will post some of my favourites then
this apu is simple but i think its very apuesque

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this one too is very cute

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i have this apu on a hoodie i bought on redbubble

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it's very somber
no way, you wear this outdoors?

corona apu

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i have a fair few as well

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yes i wear it outside. Only comments ive gotten range from "cute frog!"(usually girls) to "isnt that the nazi frog"(guys)

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you should post them

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>Funday times was discontinued 16 years ago
It's over

love this one

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find the apu!

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and no it is not me in picture i dont play w*rhammer4*k

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that's a rare one. It's obvious you're a serious collector, I'm already impressed
that reminds me, is there any variation of the butcrack kneel apu?

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I think Any Forums has finally become too autistic for me.

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Sauna world championship 2010

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Surely there is but i have not come across one.
Thank you, i am proud of my collection.
I never really got into collecting aspies, i dont like the pairing.

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u have many good apus my friend

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OP? I would indulge your topic but I don't know what koreanon you mean. I hope you get to hug him tho

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>I never really got into collecting aspies, i dont like the pairing.
i only have like 3-4

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do you feel you're losing attachment to your apus since amassing so many of them?

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i can't tell which ones are rare and not in order to share the rarer ones

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Im sorry for derailing your thread OP i will stop posting after this one
no in fact i think the opposite, its like collecting images of friends. Just like i look through my vacation images every now and then so do i look through my apu collection.
Rarity of Apu is often overvalued, the common ones is often the "good" ones

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just go by which ones you've seen least here or simply your favs then
that ones old I know it