Spain is so big! Did you know we have PROSTITUTES?

Spain is so big! Did you know we have PROSTITUTES?

That's right! We are the world's #1 importer of prostitutes. Women all over the world come to Spain to sell their bodies.
We have lots of women from all the continents: Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia...
That's because of the massive demand caused by tourism (and our horrible women)!

Does your country have PROSTITUTES?

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>We are the world's #1 importer of prostitutes
are you really? based if true

>Does your country have PROSTITUTES?
no, it's against the will of God

I don't believe you.

Ummm you need to brush up on your theology sweaty

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the most famous institution in my region is a brothel

thats right, and we had so many colombian prostitutes that whenever we see a black woman dressed well thats not fugly we assume its a prostitute, specially at night!

The angelic doctor never said that THOUGH

>hot black woman in a dress = prostitute
lmao, so true. Imagine risking your life crossing the Sahara, seeing people die all around you, just to get to "Europe" and the first thing you see is all of your countrywomen selling their bodies there.
Now you know why they call it the blackpill.

I assume a woman is a prostitute when I see any woman

No, they all went to spain QQ

We do, lots of them. I had no idea we have so brothels before i started visiting them

That's not very Catholic


Once again you are what Italy could have been

It's over Italysisters. The best we can do is petition for Spanish annexation ASAP. Viva el Rey

are you a dirty arab?

spanish domination is one of the reasons italy is a shithole thoughever

Hasn't your local Imam told you? Arabs bathe three times a day

Does Spain have scandinavian prostitutes?

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Kek, italians are south americans finally confirmed, GIVE BACK THE PASTA!

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i like spain


>Know you not that your bodies are the members of Christ ? Shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot ? God forbid.

Prostitution was more or less tolerated until the 16th century. Then the Spanish brought syphilis to the Old World from fucking indians. Only then the notion on how it's evil and bad became mainstream.
Fucking Spain ruining nice things for everyone.

i mean, just compare the south with the nord