I just completed this kamige

I just completed this kamige

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i have completed GTA San Andreas like 20 times since i played it for the first time as a 10 years old
i even completed it once in school because the computer classes were so boring i was secretly playing GTA SA when the teacher wasn't looking

welcome to 2004

all you have to do is follow the damn train cj

Now play GTA IV

I pray that you didn't play the latest patched steam version and you instead downgraded it.

I'm planning to replay GTA 4 this year but i'm waiting for Icenhancer 4.0 to release

Did the same but with the Quake 1 campaign, beat it in all difficulties

It's shit honstly

Only thing it changes is some radio songs and money drop, no?

It's soulless

I think he’s talking about the demake

Still, they were good songs
No, not talking about the recent versions

That's the point. It shows the harsh reality of the "american dream".

not about GTA in general, but most pre 2010 games have that strange and interesting feeling that is unique to games that were developed from the beginning to the end enterely directed to a single player experience without pay-to-play features
there are virtually no games like this anymore except for indie games and remakes from old ones
even old call of duty games that were made with a multiplayer feature had campaigns that were made in a way that is different from modern AAA games, without so much political bullshit, and without smartphone-app-style features

Because games back then were made by developers who loved games themselves. Now it's filled with people who try to push an agenda. Only good games coming out nowadays are indie game which says a lot.

I can think of a bunch of games from that era that were milked several times by AAA companies even recently, and that were made in a linear way that is similar to indie games from today
resident evil 4 comes to mind, for example
zoomers are growing up thinking that clash of clans is what a normal game is supposed to be like, and it's all going downhill from now on, to the point that it's not even worth buying a new console anymore


100% it like 3 times, replaying 4 for the 4th time now

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we used to play 5v5s in CS 1.6 during computer classes in middle school kek

Holy based, same here. We also played Warcraft 3

Now play Vice City

This is in part true, but the true reason is that the demographics have changed. There are now three markets:
These are the ones buying the multiplayer games full of microtransaction bullshit
>Californians and other soy people
These are the ones buying the pozzed shit and the Harvest Moon / Animal Crossing clones
>Gachaniggers and ironic weebs
These are the ones buying waifu simulators and gacha shit like Gayshit Impact
We just aren’t their main market anymore.

Based. Same here

we had to play cs portable on kongregate because windows 7 user account control was cancer