English people that call themselves 'British' are cringe

English people that call themselves 'British' are cringe

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I am British.

Pepe, why are you smoking?

English sounds more feminine than British

good, anyone can be british

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The four British nations are literally all the same shit, stop larping.

scots who pretend they are not british are more cringe

British = Celtic
English = Germanic

Your country is Britain
Your flag is British
Your passport is British
Your island is Britain
Your ancestry is derived from Britons
The people of your area were Britons in the time of Jesus and Rome and the people of your area are Britons today
The last time England existed as an actual sovereign state, several hundred years ago, it included Wales and it was run by a Welsh royal family

English people, Welsh people, and Scottish people who have a problem with the word British are cringey spastics and likely frogposting retards as well

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welsh are supossedly swarthy, the other 3 appear to be just the same pypo larping after a funny accent and a skirt

Yeah they should call themselves Englanders.

By the way I am seriously based.

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English = Med*

Here is map of the british diaspora.
It's more balkanized than your mom's womb on her way home on a friday night.

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England was a tiny kingdom ruled by frogs that existed solely to sell wool to Belgians, Scotland and Wales were even less important
Great Britain is an Island of world spanning importance which conquered entire continents, defeated the French more times than I can count and beat up ancient empires just because they wouldn't buy our goods

thou wishst. Thine tongue is thoroughly Germanic and thou can'st do anything against that.

I call all British people English, regardless of which """country""" they are from

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Britain is an irrelevant shithole mate, we can never be relevant again so I'd much rather stop subsidising the other nations of the meme Union

Only rasheeds and posh cunts call themselves 'british

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When Scotand was last independent, your great great great great great great grandparents weren't alive.

For me it is the return of WESSEX

They isn't what

That isn't what diaspora means

British is unironically a way for Scotland/Wales and thirdies to steal English history