What people think about sex between mom and son in your country?

what people think about sex between mom and son in your country?

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ma che cazzo stai postando, imbecille

People don't like it.

>Currently, incest is not considered a crime in Brazil, unless it involves minors under the age of 14, when it becomes classified as rape of a vulnerable person. The Civil Code, in turn, only prohibits civil unions between close relatives by blood or affinity.


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most countries are like that except AmeriKKKa

cosa ne pensano nel tuo paese?

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Do Italians really?

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Italian mamas

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Northern behavior

usually, in italy, we really love our moms

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Fucking birds

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Yeah I know, but that's not love, that's lust, after your own mother on top of it.

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he's mentally ill

it's the true form of love, the purest form, there's nothing lusty with it
don't you love your mom?

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That OP should commit suicide.

I'll do when my mom dies

That is natural phenomenon.

>The odds of being born a male or a female are not equal.


>The probability of being born a male is 51.22. The probability of being born a female is 48.78.

>There are 65 million more men than women in the world.

>Men live shorter than women also more die in an accident and suicide, nevertheless outnumber females.

>Given this, young girl population is much lower than that of young boy.

This means We need marry with mature women or grannys.

Ex : South Korea

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99.9% are fags or braindead whores that can't appreciate the pure love that is momcest.