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When i was a kid my dad always promised me that if i behave well and do good at school he'll take me to Disneyland. When i asked him if it will cost a ton he would always reply that he would never regret spending any amount of money on his child. From the age of 6 to 11 i did my best to be the perfect son, but the Disneyland still remained a dream
>Son, finish first grade first,
>Son, finsih second grade first
>Son, they are all put of tickets
>Son, the planes won't fly to america for some reason
>Son, finish fourth grade first
On my 12 birthday i confronted him before all the guests, i shouted at him that he's a liar. He slapped me and called тyпoй выpoдoк (stupid subhuman) and started shouting about as being poor amd having no money and how i'm too stupid to not realize it. A few months later he divorced my mom and i never saw him again. He never paid ailments.

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>He slapped me and called тyпoй выpoдoк (stupid subhuman)

average russian family

It's his fault for allowing you to become the kind of person that wishes to go to Disney in the first place. The collapse of the soviet union and it's consequences have been a disaster for the russian race.

he shouldve at least taken you to some russian theme park

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>be me
>be shit head son to single mother
>3 brothers
>get annual tickets to disneyland because my aunt worked there

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What's the appeal of Disneyland?

Photo of my younger brother in our childhood home

Fuck I miss my old house

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Should've killed your worthless, lying, scumbag father.

If you know where he lives now as an adult, confront him. Or call the state police on him and make up lies about him.

My parents were too poor to ever go on holiday anywhere and my mother always used to hit me and shout at me and threaten to break my bones.
I also found out recently I might have been molested, since I overheard an argument about my aunt marrying a pedo.

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Ok that's a sad story, user. I don't think it's fair to put the blame on anyone here. It's just sad. I'm sorry for you.

Sorry, user. Has your life gotten any better these days?

Not much. I'm working towards a good career though, hopefully things will get a lot better in a year or two.

Sorry OP, forgot to write…
I never went to Disneyland too, I think it’s overrated. Still shitty abt your dad though. Did you have any father figures later on in life?

It's a huge theme park with popular cartoon characters, what could from a poor russian family want. They also showed footage from Disneyland as an intro for disney cartoons on the first cahnnel

I was living in a village near to Vyborg and Finland, was swimming in a lake everyday and liked to take a walk in the forest

all my childhood memories of my dad are him shouting horrible things at my mom, him being drunk, losing his job bc he started developing paranoid delusions after he lost all his investments in 2008, being embarrassed to go out in public with him bc hed confront random people he thought were stalking him, as i got into my teens we started to argue
i have no good memories of my father and i try to avoid him as much as i can, in many ways he ruined my childhood and filled it with very dark memories

That sucks, I had a nice childhood though :3

My father died of cancer.

You do understand it's not about Disneyland, it's about his father recognizing his efforts and spending some quality time with him, right?

Your father probably browses Any Forums rn

My childhood was pretty good

How come most dads are fucking degenerate assholes who abuse and terrorize their family, meanwhile moms are actually kind and hardworking? What the fuck?

It's weird how boomers and the generation after them (the ones who are today in their 40s-50s) were so obsessed with their kids having proper upbringing (you MUST go to university, university = well paid job!!!), while simultaneously didn't mind rapid americanization and cosmopolitanism their kids' heads were getting pumped with.
Instead of promising you a trip to Disneyland he should explain to you why Disneyland is stupid.

This reminds me of my grandfather. He had promised to take me to LEGO Land once around my birthday, but he became more fragile and unwell over time, causing delays. He couldn't walk soon enough, so him taking me to LEGO Land never happened. I do not think ill of him for it, I understood why. Though, I did think about LEGO Land periodically through the years. It is too late for us both, now.

My dad did this. He’d lived in America some years and everytime I got fixated on some retard shit he’d tell me Any Forums-tier horror stories about Americans which may or may have not been exaggerated. Like “if you go to McDonalds you will end up like a lazy 200kg American” and shit like that

That's a bad generalization.

My dad has always been kind and hardworking and much kinder than my mom that was only kind to me if I went good at school

I think your case is the exception that proves the rule. Let's be honest, it's more common to hear about an abusive father. I very rarely hear about moms being cunts. Maybe it's just Russian reality, but most dads here are alcoholic degenerates.

I’ve heard about moms being cunts, they just do it in different ways