Why are russians so weak?

why are russians so weak?

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Meanwhile Russia irl

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Coping will not help you win the war

I like you guys but goddamn, take the loss in stride at least.

Post the webm of what happens to R*ssia in actual combat.

Just like my anime


In reality you shot yourself in your gut due to improper unholstering before you hit anyone, and boy, it ain't looking like you'll be doing any shooting anymore.

not enough BBCs



Because Putin doesnt feel like declaring full war and mobilization against Ukraine. I didnt buy into the rethoric that he was a dumbass but my God after that Ukrainian counter offensive I dont understand if Putin believed he could win the war against a fully mobilized force while all he brought there was some volunteers and conscripts from Luhansk and Donetsk and the forces that were stationed near the border

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I don't think Putin is stupid but I think he has bought his own propaganda they've been putting out since 2014
>Kiev regime is illegitimate US puppet, no one actually supports them in Ukraine
>Afghanistan government was also illegitimate US puppet and fell to the Taliban in weeks
>Surely puppet kiev regime will collapse as soon as we invade and no one will want to fight for them
>wait why are they all fighting back tooth and nail?

He can't mobilise because that's a political suicide given the lies they are telling their people, some sort of quiet mobilisation might occur, we know that all combat capable reservists have been called upon so this should keep them in it for a while.

>Given the lies they're telling
Oh no no these projections

I've seen Russian media be pretty open about what a disaster the war is ever since the Kharkov offensive. So they are not lying as much as he claims. Still, I very much doubt the average Russian would be as apolitical if he was handed a rifle and told to go fight in Ukraine, especially after all that bad news.

Russia is a shithole that wishes they could invade random countries and get away with it like we can

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Why Zelensky and Putin are so short

... really...
western alarmists saying invasion will happen, live ammo exercices, military withdrawal after exercises, ""'denazification""", biolabs, special operation, Hostomel, Red Forest, 50km long convoy status, northern withdrawal, Ukrainian salient in South, nuclear facility bombings, hypersonics, THE ENTIRE FUCKING MOSKVA SINKING which encapsulated the entire Russian disinformation strategy, Mariupol status, bombings of humanitarian corridors, the retreat from Northern Lugansk and so many more I didn't mention were all either denied by the Russian state even under extreme pressure from evidence or manufactured by Russian state for propaganda purposes.

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Soon you will see losers

when are all the young russians getting drafted? im tired. of having to deal with you subhumans in my games

I fucking hate his manlet rat