Пo плaнy

>пo плaнy

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nu vot, po planu

sila jest uma ne nado?

>мы дaжe нe нaичнaли

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>Кaк Poccия бyдeт дeйcтвoвaть дaльшe? Пo плaнy!
>*2 weeks later..*

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is it a combover ? i have never understood his hair, it's so diffuse it looks like photoshop smudge tool. I can never quite tell what it actually is I am looking at

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no bananu

Combover. He is pretty much completely bald.

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>prone to chimp out
they never learn

look at him go!

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He’s got moves.

Is this real???

yes we are getting live coverage of russian troops getting killed in Ukraine with our very own weaponry systems

>google "Vladimir Putin height"
>browse images
Uh oh

Where's he going?


Russiasisters... We got too cocky...

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>make sure you lean down in the picture so you don't make me look like a manlet
>say no more, Vova

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I prefer this one.

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ok but how is there a fixed camera on them
is it like those small toy drones with a camera and bomb attached just hovering?
and no one can see or hear?

where vdv

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i'm partial to this one myself

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How about this one?

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hienot ripaskat veti oleg viimeisillään meille


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I don't care which side they are, seeing people dying/being maimed directly makes me sad.
I'm more of a fan of just seeing tanks going out in balls of fire. It's cool and you don't see the bodies, most of the time.

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wtf is even happening here igor?

Based JACKSON appreciator.
>fails to actually kill anyone
Watch and learn, user.

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It's time, Russia needs you on the frontlines.


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i still dont see it

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uh oh stinky! we lost 8000 km2 of territory it cost us 50000 lives and 6 months to gain oopsie doopsie lol

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0:09 hit by assault rifle
0:25 AGS-17
0:34 probably mortar
0:52 5 dead

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