Not even 30 yet

>not even 30 yet
>knee pain when standing up from sitting in a chair

Do people in your country experience this type of problem?

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I don't have knee pain but I have back pain from shitty posture while I sit at my PC for 15 hours a day

i fucked up one of my knees hiking without prep...never again

I guess 30 year old boomer thing is right when talking about state of our health

I had the same issue, went away when I got a better chair, more adjusted to my body, and started working out.

Lose weight, fat.

literally goes away with jogging, weightlifting and stretching. I like my body pains, as soon as i become a lazy piece of sht they return and remind me to get back on the grind.

Why would you prep for hiking? It has 0 intensity.

I'm 160 pounds.

>recommending jogging to someone with knee pain
>recommending jogging in the first place

not kili or everest base camp
theyre hard and going from couchpotato to walking up and down 10kms a day

My neck and the bottom of my spine hurt

Not really and I'm fat

so just go to the doctor? it's free in canada

not sure why youre complaining

sedentary faggots should get the rope

poor posture?

start engaging that core my dude

found your problem

you climbed everest?

*obese fingers on keyboard noises*

base camp

If you're going to impact yout joints that much why not just go all out and do sprinting or skipping? Jogging is the fucking worst of walking and sprinting.