Faces of Any Forums

Faces of Any Forums

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supremely deano

When did you migrate from polan? Hows life there?

Hello, friends!

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you look like me in 10 years

I'm not a pole, I'm half Swedish half Anglo
Hello santa
You must be a good looking man then

>I'm not a pole, I'm half Swedish half Anglo
Better go and ask your mum some questions because you might find out you should be eating pierogi right now


Young Santa Claus

You look like a chicano

>Genghis' last heir

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Post face

You look like a Maori


I have no Mongol blood in me cunt, I am probably as white as you can get.

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is this a new australoid phenotype?

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Are you here 24/7?

I'm fuckin tired bros

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hey i played csgo with u, ignatz, a lalo that one time

Discord troons.

PLEASE watch Australian TV shows

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