I like to eat here. It's a 25min drive from my place but it's cosy and I like their pork chop with chanterelles

I like to eat here. It's a 25min drive from my place but it's cosy and I like their pork chop with chanterelles.

Where do you like to eat in your city/near it Any Forums?

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My home. Eating in a restaraunt is too expensive for me.

Before COVID I used to eat out at least once a month and often twice but half those places shut down or went to shit. Ever since I only get takeaway, my favorite place is a chicken grill in Portuguese style.

Also I thought every polish poster here exclusively ate and drank at some craft beer & burger bar

We have a lot of local restaurants, at least where I live maybe a lot of posters here are very young so they tend to just grab something while neeting.

Also: I forgot to ask, post how portugeese grilled chicken looks like

I don't really eat out as a hiki NEET who cooks at home. Though, I remember a local joint that sold these huge lamb steaks covered in extremely copious amounts of parmesian cheese and tomato sauce. Just a metal tin full of the stuff. Lamb parmesian they call it, was very filling.

I see. Many Dutch people who visit Poland and Czechia too always tell about how much they liked eating at the smaller more traditional places. They brag about how they get a full platter of meats, fries/potatoes and a beer for less than €10. It's arguably simple but good which is the total opposite of the dining experience here since our restaurants are just money extortion scemes at this point.
As for the Portuguese style chicken I can't post due to IP ban and Any Forums blocks the link due to spam. It's called Chef Piri Piri in Groningen.

Correction, I just remembered it was specifically "veal parmesian". Still good.

That's odd. I've never had lamb in my life outside of kebab, is it common in the USA?

I always eat at a restaurant my dad works at, I have never paid. he’s been embezzling food and money for over 8 years. I love it there

Well the food here is very underrated. I pay like 12 eur for my meal, it's like the pork chop, potatoes, some green stuff, soup and tomato juice.

All the local places are garbage quality, booth food and service, the only redeeming feature is you can get a lunch for 5-6€. Had 1 (one) decent place and it shut down because portions were too small/was too expensive for average goyslop enjoyer. I don't really eat out anymore, it's grim.


Menu if you want to check the prices out

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And if my dad is not working I get a kebab for just 3€.

Based but kebab is trash

Idc it’s 3€ Meal that feeds me for the whole day

It's not uncommon, but it isn't what most people go for immediately. You'd more commonly find chicken, turkey, beef, or some kind of fish like salmon, tilapia, or cod. Veal/lamb are more common in ethnic Italian or Indian-owned eateries, both of which are common enough. You can find such meats easily enough at deli stores too.

Don't you eat mostly pork?

I just grab a sandvich from bakery for lunch

>Where do you like to eat in your city/near it Any Forums?
I don't live in a "city" I live semi-rural in the countryside. We cook our own food out there.

It depends on your region or background. Many like ham around Thanksgiving or Christmas/Christmas Eve. I know a middle-aged black dude who eats bacon with eggs almost every day, but it isn't like that is typical. I'm not opposed to eating pork, but I don't care for it in excess, and rarely eat it.

Isn't that like a very rare thing in the US of A?

Mcdonalds because im poor

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Poor people cant eat in mcdonalds